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A trendy model in today’s business is dropshipping. It is where the majority of users who are looking for passive income begin. It is also a model that can help to achieve financial freedom, but it can also be a total failure.

However, regardless of whether our online store will be a success or not, it is worth remembering a few facts from the lives of the well-known millionaires/millionaires:

Not every project will renew its success, but every project is a lesson in life.

Before you can succeed, you have to fall many times.

Success is only about not giving up. But also in the creation of many financial inflows.

Investing in yourself will never be bad for you.

Why dropshipping?

It is a very frequently asked question, but there is no answer to it. The fact is that regardless of the business model and industry, everyone has a chance to win. However, this includes many factors, such as product and marketing.

Dropshipping is also one of the cheaper ways to start making money on your own. You don’t need any significant amounts of money to start a shop, a warehouse, or a physical location. You can do it yourself, so there’s no payroll. And finding the right products is not higher mathematics.

However, for starters and those with a small financial contribution, it is crucial to keep a balanced tactic at the beginning, because prices can vary, and we can often overpay for precisely the same model.

In the diagram at the bottom, I make a comparison of two popular platforms, often used in the creation of an online store, but also their advantages and disadvantages.



What's that

Platform to build an online store with access to external apps with products: paid and free

Platform offering ‘ready to go’ the online store, or an Alidropship plugin for WordPress users. Both with endless access to AliExpress store

Ease of use

Yes, this is a platform for newbies. Everything is straightforward with clear step by step plan and a library full of training

You need to have the slightest idea about WordPress an Woocommerce, however, installation is very easy. Also, Alidropship provide full training


Hosting is included in Shopify monthly payment plans

Alidropship provides own hosting. Start at $48/year. You can also use an external one

Access to products

There are 2,400 apps for Shopify, but not all are for product search, but also not every app is free. You get your store up and running with full speed, it will cost you a little more. You can also use the platform to sell your own products. 

In theory, there is only one access to AliExpress stores with over 10 million products. All other apps can be easily installed from the plugin area