Part fifty: Choose happiness. Now!

Part fifty: Choose happiness. Now!


Happiness is yours. Possess it without hesitation. Create your own kind, don’t worry about what others will think about you. It’s just enough for you to pass on that feeling.

That’s why this chapter belongs to you!

Describe your lucky method underneath. It could be your life story or other events. It could also be an idea that’s been in your head since the dawn of time. Remember that your creativity knows no boundaries. But even that nothing stands in the way of you sharing your values with yourself and the world.



Share your wisdom with the world. Take a picture of the pages you wrote. Then send it to or post it on Instagram with #howtobesuccessfullyhappy. Let me know if you want your photo to be published with your name on it or anonymously. You will be able to read the content of other authors on the website.

Good life to you

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