Part forty-nine: Water

Part forty-nine: Water


Water is the most controversial topic of this decade, but also the most promoted product of all time. It is also a source of health, as the public claims. But even an essential component of our existence. After all, without water, there is no life, and without optimal hydration, we are not able to be happy.

Therefore, as a person who has never drunk two liters of water a day in her life, I am surprised that I am still alive, well, and happy. On the other hand, people who push liters of this fluid into themselves every day are most unhappy in my eyes. But they also have a reduced immune system, allergies, diseases and hideous skin full of dry spots and wrinkles. So in this paragraph, we’ll be talking about myths about water.

Myth: An adult person consists of 60-70 percent of water.

There isn’t a single drop of clean water in our body. But we’re made up of blood, lymph or urine. All this is not water, but electrolyte fluids.

Myth: Man cannot tell whether he is thirsty or dehydrated.

Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah? Or are we just being made stupid? You can tell when you’re thirsty. It’s not that hard.

On the other hand, a standard toilet test will tell you if you have enough fluids in your body. If your urine is different from transparent to light yellow, it means you need to drink something.

Myth: The only way to hydrate is through the water.

That’s total bullshit because the fluids are also in the food. For example, there are 300 ml of structural water in the head of the lettuce, 115 ml of apple, and 100 ml of cucumber. Add to that soup, coffee, or tea. All consumed gifts should have in total a content of 2 liters per day.

Myth: Water is slimming and suppressing the appetite.

There is no way that water can ever dissolve fat. Therefore, it will never be a method for a slender silhouette. Water doesn’t get enough either, because it flies through your body very quickly.

Myth: Water supplies the body with essential minerals.

If you want the necessary filling minerals, eat an apple! For in 100 grams of this fruit, there are three times more minerals than in the most mineral water in the store. In the organic and slow growing (not accelerated chemical processing of fruit trees) version of this fruit, there can be even 30 times as much. Even more, rich ingredients can be found in raspberries, mandarins, and blackberries. Furthermore, every fruit or vegetable contains structural water, means water which is better absorbed by the body.

Myth: Water is healthy.

Error, the water was healthy… 100 years ago. Now it is a mixture of chemical substances hazardous to health. Depending on the region in the world, you can still find clean water, both bottled and tap water. However, every time out of 100 tested types, only three were crystal clear. The rest contained a whole range of additives such as methane, chlorine, and fluorine. The last one is the second most dangerous toxin known to us, after mercury. Fluorine is factory waste, which is difficult to dispose of. Therefore is it added to water, toothpaste, and other food products. In this way, the factories are not responsible for their liquidation. Also, fluoride works within the brain and has a fatal effect on the quotient of intelligence, memory, somatic and mental illness, cancer, miscarriages, and mutations.

Another element, especially in tap water, is nitrate. It causes primarily chronic cerebral hypoxia, and this affects cardiac dysfunction, a decrease in brain function such as associating facts or problems with concentration, miscarriages, and defects in the development of the child. It also affects heart attacks and stomach cancer.

There are also detergents and medicines in the water. So what’s coming out of your house is coming back to you more or less. It’s all about cleaning products, washing powder, or even a Roundup for your garden or field. These agents cause cell membrane damage, allergies, metabolic disorders, cancer, skin irritation, or liver damage.

Not to mention water supply. Depending on the place of residence, water supply pipes are made of different materials. The most common is a mixture of metals, in which lead is also used. And consequently, it causes hypothyroidism and thyroid tumors, anemia, leukemia, hypertension, allergies, immunosuppression, dermatophytosis, cracking and irritation of the skin and the like.

Myth: Bottled water is better than tap water.

I don’t know if you know, but most factories don’t bother to clean water. They pour ordinary tap water into bottles. There’s one more problem, and that’s PET plastic. Men proved in 2005 that there is a migration of SB (antimony) from bottles to water. This ingredient is carcinogenic and mainly affects women’s breasts. Other factors, such as storage time and sunshine, also affect the penetration of hazardous substances.

Myth: Water can’t overdose.

For your information, there are very many registered deaths due to excess water consumption. This condition is called hypotonic conduction and often occurs in athletes. The result is that the kidneys can’t handle the flow of so much fluid. In the body, sodium ions are washed out, cells begin to swell, brain swelling occurs, and in extreme cases, death occurs. An overdose of water also manifests itself as dizziness, weakness, distraction, vomiting, or coma.

Myth: Water removes toxins.

That’s not true, because all the toxins are fat-based. And as we all know, water doesn’t remove grease.

Myth: Water moisturizes dry skin.

Your skin needs oil and vitamin A. The lack of this factor causes abnormal functioning of cell membranes, skin and nails, but also acts against cancer, protects the body against microorganisms and strengthens the immune system.

Myth: Coffee and tea dehydrate.

No, but it flies through the body as fast as water.

In the end, as usual, a summary that well-being equals happiness, and this equals health. So I advise you to take a more profound interest in the subject because the list of myths is endless. I’ve only added a few of the most common ones here. If you are a water lover, don’t give up too quickly. Many interesting devices are on our market today that can filter water perfectly, such as Reverse Osmosis or H2 Generator (pure hydrogen).



Test your tap water and bottle. For this, you will need a very cheap actuator like the Electrolyzer or the TDS-3, which is available almost everywhere. The cost of this investment is a few dollars and healthy and happy life.

Enjoy testing


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