Part forty-seven: Grounding

Part forty-seven: Grounding


If one of you says that there is no scientific evidence about the positive effect of grounding on human health and happiness, he is wrong. That’s what I thought, too, until I started looking for more information on the subject. I have found thousands of them, but there are not many modest numbers on a larger scale. It seems that scientists need to get even more accustomed to the idea that the earth has many beneficial qualities. On the other hand, there is resistance from the scientific community to natural methods of treatment. It’s free, but if you have to pay for the medicine, so it’s more profitable.

Of course, this is about grounding, an increasingly popular way to feel good. It is the most natural way that does not require more logic or technique to make a profit. All you need to do is walk barefoot on the ground for 30 minutes every day. Simple, isn’t it?

I will not write scientifically, but I will explain it so that everyone understands. So each one of us has an electrical value, while the earth has the opposite value. When the skin comes into contact with the ground, we stabilize the electrical system so that it works to our advantage, just like we do for our equipment. The cables must be grounded so that we humans are not electrocuted. In this way, the electrical equipment will last longer.

Such power cuts are dangerous and lead to technical faults. Precisely as it happens is in our body, which leads to disease. The free radicals are starting to rummage through the body, and we’re starting to feel bad. To change this situation, you would have to start walking without shoes and theoretically cure all your illnesses, wouldn’t you?

Well, that’s an excellent way not to get sick. However, treatment is more complicated than that, because our electricity does not necessarily help to repair the damage that has already been done. However, it works at other levels that support and stimulate treatment by improving other issues such as reducing inflammation and pain, improving sleep, and energizing. It also dilutes and lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, accelerates healing, and minimizes any hormonal symptoms or changes in time. This, of course, is a great asset to survive difficult times.

However, the basic plus of grounding is, of course, well-being. Although even I can understand that we cannot always find 30 free minutes a day, every day. Our creativity helps us in this sometimes. We can spend our work breaks barefoot on the grass in front of the building. Or when working in the garden, do not wear gloves. However, on cold winter days, my ultimate desire is to not walk barefoot on a frozen surface.

Recently, fortunately, there has been a spill of new inventions so that we can enjoy the value of the Earth’s energy. That’s how I’ve seen grounding mattresses, duvets, and pillows, but also office accessories. This is still only the beginning, so the price of these devices exceeds that of an ordinary user’s wallet. That’s why it’s worth trying to create your own tool. And you don’t need to be able an engineer or know anything about electricity to build the simplest thing. In the next sub-point, I’ll tell you how.


Single-wire cable with a section length from the bed through the window to the ground.

Carton preferably in size 80-50 cm

Aluminum foil



To the pin hook one part of the cable, metal part. Place the pin in the ground. Wrap the carton around the other end of the cable a few times. Then wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil. Place the finished structure at the end of the bed, where the legs are.

In this simple way, you can use ground all year round, regardless of the time of year or activity during the day. Of course, don’t forget to take off your sleeping socks or the whole experiment won’t work.

And for those who live on the twelfth floor of a skyscraper, where to the ground is far away? The Internet cares for many other interesting devices that you can use. It’s worth looking for it.



If possible, do a top project and do the following experiment. One night use the device, and the next night don’t use it for a change. Compare your mood in the next few days.

Have a good night’s sleep.


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