Part forty-five: The world is your playground.

Part forty-five: The world is your playground


As a child, I wanted to be a MacGyver with Indiana Jones adventures.

But I never wanted to grow up, which, of course, is inevitable. However, I remember that everyone made plans for the future; only I wanted to be a child. And it’s not even that I didn’t have a bigger vision for the future or any interests. I loved science, like physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. I could build something out of nothing. I had a passion for books and read them more often than I did homework.

I wasn’t even a popular kid. I didn’t have many friends, and my schoolmates had a lot of fun with me. But life at the time was full of surprises and fun, so I didn’t understand why my peers wanted to be so old?

Now, after thirty years, I believe that we must have time for prudence and logical action. Our future and quality of life depend on it. But nobody’s gonna make me serious 24 hours a day. The work must be done, but I must, first of all, have a break from reality for a few minutes, every day. That way, I don’t get crazy.

So, do you remember your childhood? Are you able to go back and analyze the feelings associated with it? What was freedom for you? How did you have fun? How many incredible experiences did you have, but also dangerous adventures?

The reasons why some of us don’t want to grow up are many. These are just some of it:

The need for chaos

Chaos can be interpreted in many ways. For one, it’s instability, because otherwise, it’s incredibly boring. It is also a lifetime of discovering the unknown. So many people prefer not to know what the next day will look like while waiting for the surprise. Because settling down is associated with getting up at the same time, working for the same company, the same work day by day, the same time of getting home and eating with the family, the same conversations and the same experiences. In this system, there is no chance for creativity, revolutions, and originality. Chaos is also a feeling of inner anxiety and, consequently, adrenaline. It is also a method of interpreting the world in colors, in a different way than most of us see only black and white.

Need for independence

Contrary to appearances, adulthood is associated with subordinating someone or something. And this is a very unattractive prospect for the future and can be a strong deterrent. This is often seen among young people, although it occurs in all age classes. It manifests itself in the desire to mature quickly, then be disappointed and want a return to the times when we still influenced our decisions. The implementation that there are rules to be followed, taxes to be paid, work that needs to be done precisely as the boss expects it to be, can turn out to be painful.

Need for own values

Not those borrowed, general and often meaningless. We are also talking about ideals and making your own decisions, by the feelings and logic of the person who makes them. Consequently, creating a new and better environment for living.

Need to have fun

From a religious and often political point of view, we are on earth to suffer for our sins. However, we are in the world to have fun and to have a good time, with all our strength until we run out of air.

The need for uncriticism

This feeling and, at the same time, the behavior would be useful to everyone from time to time. We, humans, create many problems and often result from the evaluation of ourselves. The point is that we don’t have to take ourselves seriously, worry about the opinion of others, react to any accusations or stupid remarks. Conflicts and wars are born out of this. So get a desire to be irresponsible and smile at a bad game, which makes it easier and more helpful to solve the problems.

The need for freedom

Literally, anything from geographical to financial freedom, through verbal, ideological and spiritual, can fall within this subheading. It is also arranging our own life as we like it, and not following standard roads and principles. Freedom is freedom, and freedom is happiness.

The willingness to grow up is not associated with a lack of work, family or even mortgage credit. It’s a state of mind of being young all the time. It is a great feeling because it subtracts years from your body, and thus you are more energetic and healthy. And that’s definitely one of a hundred ways to be happy.



Ask yourself how old you look and how old you feel. Then think about how old you’d like to be. On this basis, change the walk one thing to adapt to your new age.

Enjoy the fun

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