Part forty-four: Release of pain

Part forty-four: Release of pain


Physical pain can be a real pain in the ass and completely ruin your day. So, if there are no medical contraindications and you don’t have a rare condition, these may be useful. Remember that chronic pain is only a symptom and a visit to the doctor is highly recommended. However, in this case, you can also free yourself from anguish. All these methods are natural, so there is no need for medication.

A headache.

There are a few ways to get rid of the pain. One theory claims that 80% of our migraine is caused by inappropriate food and happened in the gallbladder. That’s why the massage of this place is supposed to bring relief. This place is on your right, two fingers lower than the end of the last rib. What you have to do is apply strong pressure at this point for 90 seconds, release and repress again for the next 90 seconds.

The next step is tea made from chamomile, mint, rosemary or ginger. If you have these herbs at home, add a significant amount to your regular tea and drink. In the case of ginger, you can also use fresh ginger by cutting it into slices and also add to this drink. If it works for you, you can eat a piece raw.

You can also do inhalations of essential oils. The best ones are basil, lavender, lemon, and thyme. You can add them to your bath or boiling water and breathe in under a towel for about 10 minutes.

Cold compresses on the shelter or wetting the alloy in cold water are also often used, especially in children, because they have more difficulty swallowing tablets or drinking a brew. To achieve the same effect without ice, you can make your own forehead ointment, which the average person knows from childhood us, Tiger balsam. Mix the cajeput, clove and mint oils with camphor, menthol, and it’s ready. If the ointment is too strong, you can also make it on coconut oil and beeswax basis.

Back pain

The heat has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, so a hot bath is recommended. It not only relaxes muscles but also relieves spinal pain. You can add Epson salt or regular salt and lavender oil to the water.

Cold wraps also work wonders — place ice cubes or cold water poultice on the sore spot.

However, specialists agree with each other. The spine hurts most often as the overlapping of spines; we sleep in the wrong position or strain with hard work. So stretching is advisable. Lie down on the floor on your stomach and tilt your back as far as you can, supporting yourself on your shoulders. Then lie down on your back and try to lift your legs until you touch your shoulders with your knees. Do both exercises a few more times, preferably every day.

Pain in joints, knees, and bones

For these symptoms, you need something that works primarily anti-inflammatory but also strengthening. Therefore, I recommend this, which not only has a magnesium composition but also works on the whole body, adds energy and immunity. In a blender mix the juice with pineapple, orange, honey, and chopped almonds. Drink this juice every morning.

Mix honey, sea salt, and soda in equal proportions. Then apply to the painful area, wrap the foil and towel for at least two hours. The relief should be after the first use, but if necessary, repeat the whole process.


If the pain is not caused by ulcers and there are no other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, never, but never, ever use drugs against the production of gastric acids. This is gonna be the most stupid thing you can do. We need gastric acid to process all the food we eat, and without it, our body is completely helpless. As without any reason your doctor recommends such substances, please change your doctor. I’ll explain to you in a simple way why. Well, the stomach has an entrance and exit, and both have a so-called door, which in the case of heartburn does not close. It can cause acid to pour down your throat and cause unpleasant pain. This is what happens when the acidity in the stomach is suboptimal. To get positive heartburn once and for all, you simply need to increase the bitterness so that the door closes tightly again.

There are a couple of ways. One of them is eating something bitter or drinking apple vinegar every day. The second one, add two tablespoons of vinegar to a glass of water and drink in the morning. Consumption of ginger is also highly recommended.

Do not dilute gastric acid water immediately before, during or after eating. So don’t drink anything until half an hour before en after a meal. It can be challenging, but believe me; it’s feasible.

Sleep on your left side. It is an extra action so you can sleep all night long. That way, you reduce the likelihood of the juices pouring into the esophagus.


Yeah, a dentist is the best option. But when he’s not around, here are some proven ways to do it, like a carnation. You should always have that spice at home. Just take one or two branches and bite them into a pulp with a sore tooth. Relief is immediate and works many hours.

You can also apply a vinegar and soda wrap. Mix these two ingredients and use a cotton swab to the sore tooth.

Iodine also has a soothing and disinfectant effect. Dissolve a few drops of iodine in a glass of water and rinse your mouth with it.

Neuropathic pain

it is very unpleasant and difficult to treat pain. Often patients describe it as a current that burns, roasts, scalds, tingling or stabs. We’re losing touch with it. And although it is difficult to fight it, there are already many devices helping that send electric impulses. That way it blocks the nerves and prevents the brain from receiving painful stimuli. Many gadgets on the market are portable for home use, so if you have symptoms like this often, it’s worthwhile to look into the subject. A neurologist can help you make a decision. The most famous name is TENS.

Here I must also add that nervous pains magus be the cause of many diseases such as diabetes, borreliosis, and atherosclerosis. Therefore, if you have frequent or chronic pain, contact your doctor.



Learn about other natural methods, not only for pain but also to prevent the diseases associated with this condition. Because prevention is easier than cure.

Have a nice day.


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