Part forty-three: Outsourcing

Part forty-three: Outsourcing


Have you heard such a statement that each of us has the same number of hours a day to perform all our actions? And it doesn’t matter if you’re just Mr. Smith or a director of a big company. The amount of time is the same. So we should also somehow magically cope with our tasks during the day. And sometimes we have a lot of them, that we feel overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

And I’ll tell you; there’s no such bullshit than counting the time the same way. It is true that successful people spend more time working, sometimes sixteen hours a day. But an average, working woman, too. Because not enough that she earn income on a full-time basis, then after coming home, she has a new job called housekeeping.

Maybe you think the work they do is at a super-fast pace? Nothing of this kind. They simply multiply the number of hours per day by the number of people who work for them. In this way, they can do a job in one day that would take you a whole year or more.

Therefore, stop deluding yourself that others have some mega ability to stop time and think about how to organize your life most effectively. Outsourcing can be this method. Because nothing is so satisfying as saving time for the things you love and pleasure, so, if there is such a system to create more time for family and hobbies, why not try it? After all, life is not about finishing yourself off mentally, but about making a pleasant existence for yourself and your surroundings. Life is not about constant work, what society wants to make you believe at all costs. We are not martyrs either, because paradise is here and now. That’s why more and more people stop converting time into money, and instead of working hard, they work smart.

Outsourcing is not new and is with us since the beginning of time. It is nothing more than outsourcing work to third parties. It is mainly used in industry, but we can also adapt it entirely in our private and professional lives. We don’t have to do everything ourselves — all we need is just a little creativity and imagination with a little bit of assertiveness and persuasion.

It doesn’t have to cost a cent. All you need to do is to get your family members to do their homework. So one person has to do the shopping, another to empty the dishwasher, another to cook and another to clean the room. In this example, you must have a structure, but also determination, because we often give up if something doesn’t go our way, or someone does it in a different way than you. If all the members of the household work together, your life will be simpler too.

Another aspect is your time or lack of it. You want to be efficient in your actions, but you don’t always have a chance. Sometimes the number of activities is overwhelming. Why not outsource these activities to other people or instances? So you can give your bills to accountants, write or edit letters to Fiverr professionals, or whatever else you have to do. Imagine that most of the activities that consume our precious time do not cost as much money as it seems. And sometimes it is almost free and at the same time helpful for people who are waiting for your orders and will be very grateful to you for it. That is what I have learned from people in the Philippines, for example. I help them, and they help me by creating mutual gratitude.

Then, we can do many things, but we are not able to do everything. So if my car breaks down, I won’t open the mask to spend a few hours looking for a problem I probably won’t find. In any case, my car will end up in the garage, be checked by people who know about it. That goes for my job, too. If I can’t or don’t want to learn something, I recommend it to someone else. And the time saved I can spend on further building my business, helping others or my hobby.

Finally, outsourcing can be two-way. So I’m doing something for you, and you’re doing something for me. Then the costs are not associated with it, and everyone has a job that they know best, so both parties have the maximum benefit from it. You can start your search already among friends and family, but the Internet is full of people who are looking for a similar solution. You can start your research on second-hand websites.

The only thing that can stop us from outsourcing is fear and pride. However, we must be aware that if we try and make the first contacts, the rest will be surprising.



Write down a list of things you’re struggling with or don’t have time for it. Is there any way you can help yourself to solve these problems? And if you want to commission a task, which way do you use?

Enjoy your search.


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  1. Jennifer Baxavanis

    I totally agree with you re outsourcing. I always do a calculation in my head of what my hour costs me. I realize that I could be working on my business, with the potential to earn $300 that hour vs. cleaning the house which costs me $10/hour with the help of a maid. Then, the decision becomes very easy.
    I also agree that websites like fiverr and upwork help me out so much to dish out tasks.
    Thanks for the reminder about outsourcing.

  2. Fredrik Lindén

    Hi Aldona,
    I love your blog and I totally agree with you. I believe as you also wrote that our fear and pride get in our way to make the change and go in other directions as we know.
    Starting to ask for help is a good one and create more time for you doing things YOU love, and with that time we can help others with the things they ask for. That is a perfect world.
    I use to tell myself that good planning makes more my own time, and with my planning, it includes asking for help 🙂

  3. Christopher Sacharuk

    Before i knew what the article was really about when i read the title i read `PARTY FOR THREE` thinking it was creative….I laughed at myself when i re-read the title. you made some really great points and i agree completely that delegation is a great way to scale up productivity. I think you missed one point in why people sometimes don`t do it though. Lack of self-confidence. It ties into fear… fear of being wrong… fear of being judged etc… but i think people con lack confidence in themselves and therefore tell themselves `who am i to be telling someone else what to do?` in some form or another.

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