Part forty-one: Finding yourself bullshit

Part forty-one: Finding yourself bullshit


So I ask you, where are you? Can’t you find yourself? Did you look under the table or in the other room? Maybe you went on vacation. Or are you lost in the woods? Or just ask your neighbor, perhaps he saw you.

You don’t have to look for yourself, because you’re right here, in this place and on this road. It’s just an idiotic phrase to confuse you and mix you up with mud. It is also a technique for demoralizing people to take control of them. This way, we are manipulated initially to lose faith that we are as wonderful as people.

On the other hand, you live your whole life with yourself, so you had time to get to know yourself. The fact is that we are not able to grasp everything or see everything. However, this is not a negative thing, because there is not a single person in the world who knows everything. Yeah, well, you don’t need to know yourself 100 percent either. Most of your behavior takes place in the subconscious anyway, and you do not have a simple and established path to it. It looks more like a complicated way through the forest, sometimes through bushes or fallen trees, or a stream that can turn out to be very deep.

The significant problem of the average person is the inability to describe oneself. Look at the back cover of this book, and you’ll see that even I’m having trouble with it. Doesn’t mean I’m lost and I need to find myself. However, this is the reason for our doubts about ourselves and our capabilities, both psychological and physical. Yes, others will bother you to get to the bottom of yourself and finally be able to see your potential, precisely what I’m doing at the moment. However, have an advantage over them by using your haughtiness and energy because it all starts with the quality of your beliefs.

Looking for yourself is also a tedious and Sisyphean job. We are intelligent beings, so we learn endlessly, every day, throughout our existence. As a result, we can correct our negative aspects of behavior, but also to gain new skills and knowledge. What you were ten years ago, you don’t necessarily have to be now. And what you want to be in a few years may look like at the present moments completely unrealistic. Our ambitions, expectations, and quality of life are changing. We are in constant motion, but the world does not stand still either.

To change the order of thinking, reverse the message of the original thesis that you are not worthy of yourself. As I have said many times before, you are a gift from nature. Each of us has many attributes, but also character traits, which we can pass on in achieving our goals. The point is to focus our attention on what we want to make and how we want to achieve it. The rest will come automatically.

Also, if it’s about your still undiscovered abilities, so don’t take it personally. Life is a journey and an adventure. You never know what’s gonna show up around a corner. Nor which exciting and personality-specific potentials will prevail.

Smell the feeling of minority and be firm in your demands. You have the advantage over everything else. You control your mind, and you’re the one real you. Be proud of it, and if necessary, publicize it to everyone.

We can be lazy, selfish, stubborn or even arrogant. But it is our credulity that puts us on the sidelines, building emotions of instability towards ourselves. Awakening from the influences of the surrounding environment and people far away and those close to you will give you high power to take control over your happiness.



Name another example of a reversal of the state of affairs in your life.

Example: find yourself – find passions.

And describe the effect this transformation has had on your emotions.


Enjoy your search.


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