Part forty: Hobby clubs

Part forty: Hobby clubs


The wind in your hair, the sun on your face, the cool breeze on your skin and the long highway ahead of you. You’re sitting on a motorcycle, and behind you, there’s a bunch of friends and fast-riding enthusiasts. At this point, nothing matters but freedom.

These women meet every Thursday. They’ve got wool and wires with them. Some of them even have embroidery tools. They sit in the living room on comfortable armchairs and start working. In between, they tell great stories from the past, speak about the antics of their grandchildren or talk about anything. This is their escape from everyday life. But this is also how they cultivate their passion for creating.

Packed backpacks, comfortable shoes, and a world open to adventure. They wander from town to forest. Somewhere in a clearing they set up camp, light a fire and spend the night. In the morning they pack everything into their backpacks and are ready for new challenges.

They train judo four times a week and go to competitions together. They often fight with each other, but also with other clubs. But they always have a great deal of fun with it. During holidays or more extended weekends, they leave the city to spend time in nature. And on weekdays, they’re spread out on a mat. They have a wonderful time together.

They’re not a big club. It’s just a small group of friends who love fishing. Sometimes they do it on the banks of the river, sometimes on the bridge, and sometimes they rent a boat. Then they sail far into the middle of the lake and try their hand at more significant pieces. And they know their trade. They have experience in this and catch beautiful specimens, sometimes 10 kilos each.

Membership in the club was and will be a recipe for happiness. You are surrounded by people with the same interests and ambitions. It is also one of the basic needs of a person, both a child and an adult. This is intended to create common goals, norms, and values. But also by establishing new social contacts, they teach us communication and cultural values.

One of the main advantages is that you spend time on the activities you love. Whether it’s sports, travel or craft club, you always choose something close to your heart or in which you very good. It’s also pleasant with useful. For example, you love baking cakes, but don’t have time to do it at home? In this way, you can get entirely out of the reality and the hustle and bustle of the family, devoting only your time to yourself. It is a complete mental stress relief that will result in better contacts with loved ones in the future. Because who wouldn’t want a healthy and happy father or mother?

Most clubs don’t stand still either. It means minimal to maximum physical effort. It makes us more lively, athletic and full of energy for life. This helps us to go through the other days of the week in a relatively easier way when we have more everyday work. Wellbeing accumulates in the aura, and this practically plagues our environment, colleagues, and family.

Even if your interest does not extend as far as the above and you prefer to play poker or chess, drink beer or watch antique cars, there are still clubs for that reason. The basis is of course culture, so if you don’t become aggressive when you lose or have more prominence in your blood, everything is fine. Just like the beer club that my friend belongs to. Members smell like hops a kilometer away, but each one has a long beard and huge eyes at the sight of their most favorite drink in the world. Besides, they are probably the funniest group I know and their activities are not only about alcohol, because they often and densely drink non-alcoholic beer, but also make excursions outside the city, picnics, where they invite their families or barbecue in the forests (often in forbidden places, but I didn’t tell you about it), singing songs until the morning.

Finally, clubs are all about entertainment. It is not to be a compulsion to belong to a gym if you don’t like to practice or to belong to a church choir if you are an atheist. Just rely on your feelings and trains. However, the smallest thing that pleases you can find its partners in crime.

And if you can’t find one, create your own. Through technology, you have virtually contact with your neighbors without leaving your home. Even a small ad in your supermarket will attract the public. Your only task is to find out what will make you happy right now.




Sign up for the club.

Enjoy the fun


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