Part thirty-seven: You have magic.

Part thirty-seven: You have magic.


You happened to be in a hurry for an important meeting, and suddenly your car stopped working. You decided to run to the bus just to find out it left a minute ago. You grab another one, sit down and count the minutes to the meeting. Suddenly, at the next stop, someone comes in with coffee and, walking next to you, spills it on your nice suit. People start giving you handkerchiefs, but there’s still a big stain on your shirt. Finally, you get to the place, you want to get off the bus, but you stumble and land on the sidewalk. Again, somebody is helping you to get up, but you already have big doubts about whether the meeting has any sense. It’s all going wrong, isn’t it? It’s like fate wants to tell you that this meeting is not good for you.

Or you’re going to buy that dream car. You were just at the dealer’s, and you watched it from all sides. You know it’s an expensive investment, but what you don’t do for your family and yourself. Finally, you have a fixed amount in your bank account when a letter with a red text goes into your mailbox. You open it and find that you have five days to pay the bill that you have entirely forgotten about. Again, you have a dilemma as to whether it’s worth buying this car. However, you decide to buy, leave the garage, and at the first intersection the car stops working.

You’ve decided to go on vacation with your family. Everyone packed up; you started to land everything in the trunk; as usual, there is not enough space. When everyone has got in the car, and you have driven a good 50 kilometers, your wife asks where the passports are. Because you cannot cross the border without them, so you decide to come back for them. At the place, you want to enter the house, but the key breaks down in the lock. You want to call the locksmith, but you find that the phone’s discharged. You run to your neighbor to make a phone call, but it turns out that the expert will be there in 3 hours. Suddenly you’re thinking about whether a family vacation was a good idea.

According to psychologists, it’s just a coincidence. They often call it absurd and illogical. It has nothing to do with us, and it has nothing to do with physical phenomena. Their theory explains that some magician events end at the same point. But also that a different interpretation of events proves that you have a disorderly perception of reality and understanding of events. In other words, you’re delusional.

But quantum physics scientists know perfectly well that our body is electromagnetic energy and influences our environment. And because everything in about has its own energy, we are connected to it by creating unity.

According to John Wheeler from Princeton University, this is how we create reality. Our mind interacts with particles of matter, and this interacts with the next twin particle even if it occurs miles away. It is called vibration, and it depends on our thoughts. So positive waves increase the frequency of other positive events, and in stressful moments, as in the examples, we interact with a series of strange events.

However, experiments in quantum physics are not unambiguous. Depending on the person who runs it, the observation can be different, and therefore the result. There’s one thing they agree on; there’s no neutral observer. Thus, with each of the same experiences, there may be different results. However, taking into account other areas of science, such as biology and chemistry, the results should be explicit. And it’s not. That is why it already shows that we have an impact on our environment.

So our thoughts are magical, or better, we have magic in us. It is the reason why we should avoid stressful situations or not react profusely to stimuli. Australia is an example of this. Every year in this country is as much as 40 percent of fatal accidents caused by a bite of an inedible snake. People died only because they were convinced that the snake was poisonous.

So be careful, my magical human. Because what happens is what you think. So use your power wisely. The plus point is already the awareness that this is happening. And that’s where our creativity begins.



I am well aware that if you first hear about quantum physics and your magic, you may be skeptical. That’s why I’m proposing an experiment. Choose one item, no matter what it is. It could be a specific title of a book, a dinner dish, a name for anything. And start thinking about it intensively for the next two or three days. There’s only one thing; you can’t do anything about it. All you have to do is think about it, that’s all.

I’m curious about the results.


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