Part thirty-six: Life purpose

Part thirty-six: Life purpose


Everyone should have it; not everyone has it. It doesn’t come at once. Sometimes it makes itself wait for years, decades. And we’re talking about a vocation, just from the heart. What you want to do because you feel an inner need, not what others expect from you?

You can be a hairdresser. But you can be a hairdresser and want to create the most beautiful hairstyles in the whole galaxy. And by the way, make your customers happy.

You can be an electrician. Or you can be an electrician who wants to bring light to the darkest corners of the world and thus brighten the life of humanity.

You can be a builder. Or be a builder who wants to build beautiful and safe structures so that our cities can grow in strength.

You can be a doctor. But you can also be a doctor who wants to heal, instead of just alleviating symptoms, so that humanity can live in health and happiness for as long as possible.

You can be a teacher. But you can also be a teacher who puts every student first and, through knowledge and determination, gives everyone a chance for the future.

You can be a parent. But you may also be the best version of yourself so that your offspring can see you as a hero and a role model.

The life goal is the process we are striving for. It is an unstoppable superpower and the motivation to act. It works like an ignition in an engine, ready for a beautiful adventure. The road will be sometimes uphill, sometimes downhill, sometimes completely flat. But the views will be fantastic. You’ll also meet a lot of great travelers like you on your way. Maybe they’ll even come with you? You have extra space in your vehicle, don’t you? It doesn’t have to be a five-seat car; it can be a big bus.

The curiosity is that graduating from school or college does not guarantee that you will find your destination. For example, I’ve been looking for a long time, or better said, I haven’t looked at all. After all, I finished economics and psychology, and in my spare time, I studied science fiercely. So what? Instead of contributing to a better world, I changed employers like gloves; it was terrible everywhere, no job satisfied me. My whole day has been waiting until it’s seven o’clock so I can go home.

My passion has always been to help others, and more literally, make the world a happy place, but good intentions don’t work either. It requires a plan and action. So where do we start to find your destiny?

What pleases you or brings joy to your face?

The years of youth are a significant element here. As children, we often see our experiences without thinking, which is why they are sincere. So the idea of what you enjoyed as a child. Of course, current fascinations also play an essential role.

What are your advantages?

Just don’t say any, because everyone has one. At this point, you can list even the most strange abilities you have. But also general things that others value in you. These may be skills or fields, or something you are proud of. Maybe you’ve got some honors or awards. The help of others is also welcome. The other person can see what you don’t mind.

What does your heart tell you?

You’ve already used your mind. Now it’s time for intuition. And this one’s crazy. And fortunately, being always realistic does not bring discoveries and adventures. Entering a state of dreams can help. But also an angel and a devil on your shoulders. Use them, both of them.

What do you like to do when you have nothing to do?

Even if it’s watching TV on Netflix, you can see what you’re interested in. By asking what exactly you are watching and what information you are getting, you can have visions for the future. Observe your emotions as you do something when you have nothing to do.

What would you do if the money didn’t matter?

I’m sure Sky is the limit here. Each of us has a lot of answers to that question. And often it’s just one thing. The point is that you can do almost anything without any more cash. You can find a way to do everything. However, the most important thing here is to see your passion, the one and only.

Who’s stopping you from finding your calling?

In your opinion, it could be a lot of people. First, on hand are parents, then close family, spouse, children, your dog. But most often you’re the one who’s holding yourself back. And although you can blame others, you are responsible for yourself and your happiness. Remember, the whole world always starts with you, but also ends with you. Bear fruit in quality and happiness will be inevitable.



Answer the above questions by writing each answer on a piece of paper. What do you see?

Enjoy your search.


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