Part thirty-five: Fake it till you make it

Part thirty-five: Fake it till you make it


I’m sure you’ve heard that term more than once: fake it till you make it? This technique is everywhere, and everyone uses it, one more or less. It’s a great way to sell. It does not only concern physical products, but also our person and competence. The best example is job interviews. Entering the office with an impressive CV, you know perfectly well that only some percentage of it is true. Once you are accepted into the position, you are just beginning to learn intensively about other spectra that you said you could already do. And it’s best if nobody finds out about it because it could result in losing your job.

Pretending is a valuable way to success when you use it correctly and harmlessly. We have examples of people who have turned their entire existence around by 180 degrees. Now they enjoy life and everything they deserve.

Another statement is that a lie that is repeated very often becomes truth in the end. And in this case, too, it can be used in various ways, for evil and useful purposes. It is designed to process information to fulfill its functions. We see it among politicians, economists, scientists, and even teachers. Their ideologies are often so strong that they duplicate their  ‘truth,’ and then we begin to believe it.

There are many reasons for this. Sometimes we are so lost that we can believe everything, and sometimes it is enough to be aware that we want to hear something concrete. However, in my opinion, from time to time we need some influence to put us on the right track. Even if there isn’t a problem yet. Because how do you explain that people who don’t believe in climate change started to sort their trash?

So we can use both attributes to bring us to happiness. The only thing we need to do is to connect them and stretch reality because the truth in our eyes can be a lie and vice versa. At the same time, we begin to work on our subconscious, because it is like a child; it swallows everything.

So speaking of the truth, which you believe is a lie, there can be many things. It is indicated by our limited beliefs, but also by daily statements, which do not make any sense at all. For example, I have a good friend who says that no one likes her. However, as she enters the room, she illuminates. People stick to her like honey; everyone wants to be in her company; everyone wants to talk to her. Or another friend who whole day long repeats that she is far from being beautiful. I’m not a guy, but as I see her, the time stops for a second. This girl is just gorgeous. Or my colleague, who’s extremely stressed out during a speech. Everyone in the room sits like under hypnosis, but he gets angry after the performance saying that he failed.

The best part of all this is that everyone has this observable ritual. It is also disconcerting in everyday life, but also annoying for others. That is why we can and should help yourself in this matter. It is enough only to get to the heart of our problem and through the affirmation act on the subconscious.

Match the content of the message accordingly

Instead of ‘, no one likes me,’ use ‘people love me’;. Instead of ‘my statements are depressing’ as  ‘I am an excellent speaker.’ And people with too little faith in their image  ‘I’m beautiful.’ Say it over and over again until you’re bored. It could be in front of a mirror, on your way to work, anywhere. Combining this with the ‘fake it till you make it,’ also behaves in a given direction. You have my blessing to boast about it. Tell your colleagues that you have practiced and felt your muscles growing, that your eyes are shining more, that you have more desire to meet the love of your life. Be very creative at the same time.

The affirmation is not a race; don’t hurry

Repeating positive content should not be done in bulk. That’s why you don’t have to mention all your bad assets at once. Start with one, and you’ll notice that the subconscious will solve a dozen more at the same time. Occasionally, one extraordinary thing has to do with a whole range of beliefs and erroneous thoughts. By addressing one, you can completely cure your weaknesses.

Give yourself time

It won’t work in two days, but more so after two months. To be more consistent, many people use a cheat sheet. Write your affirmation on a piece of paper and hang it in places where you will see it every day. The bathroom is one of those places, and more specifically the mirror. Don’t pay any attention to the tenants; just think about yourself. It’s your well-being that’s gonna have a positive effect on them, so do the work.

Pay attention to the information directed towards you

Start walking on the sidewalk with confidence. If you notice that people are starting to pay attention to you, it’s already proof that you’re beginning to shine. Evidence of improvement gives you encouragement and strength to proceed. It is just like a graduation certificate. Enjoy your achievements.



Find something that interferes with your behavior or person and follow the above points. And repeat this affirmation for as long as necessary.



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