Part thirty-four: Power of thank you.

Part thirty-four: Power of thank you.


Expressing gratitude is the basis of happiness, satisfaction and physical health. It is also a correct mental condition in retaliation against actions taken by others. Appreciation is also recognized as a social norm and applied throughout the world. It comes in various forms, such as verbal or physical. Depending on the culture, we can usually hear verbal thanks, but also patting on the shoulder, nod or bow, hugging, shaking hands, nodding the head or smile.

A word of thanks, it has two ends. The first one refers to you and your relationship with the world. The other is the person on the other side. Both have a massive role in creating a better and kinder environment for all of us because the whole process always starts with you. A word of thanks may be harsh, but learning to do so does not require a great deal of philosophy. Only good intentions and perceptiveness are enough. But also a little courage to surprise somebody.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where lousy humor prevails. Everyone is busy, has little time and a lot on their mind. Finding another moment to be grateful can be a problem. However, research shows that if you notice the efforts of others and thank them for being there for you, you have the feeling that your time seems to be standing still for a moment. Also, you can give the other person a more beautiful day.

There’s something fantastic going on here. Sincere thanks act as an ignition for the further transmission of the positive. Even the gloomiest day of the year is beginning to shine. You notice the smiles and start smiling yourself. This good energy is passed on to you further and further and further. Until it comes back to you again, only much stronger. And the whole process starts from the beginning.

Maybe you think you don’t even have a reason to be grateful. Maybe your life has kicked you so hard you’ve lost your faith in humanity. But you don’t have to look far. Everything happens around you, in your home or your grocery store. Also, a small orientation in the field is enough to notice situations that are screaming for gratitude.

As a society, we condemned to each other, in the positive sense of the word. Each of us has a role or work to do. What we often forget is that we are entitled to all of the people. I can’t imagine life without a postman, railwayman, baker, teacher or this nice lady at the grocery store. It is they who do the work for us to make it easier, more comfortable and tastier. What would life look like if I didn’t have access to electricians, builders or dressmakers? What would we do without the roadside assistance, the gas station or the health service?

Thank you with the explanation is also an important aspect. Thank you? Or, thank you, it was delicious? Of these two, only the second option indicates a sincere thank you. It has to do with the fact that we do not say these words randomly, but with thought. Exactly knowing what we are thankful for, we make it clear to the other person that we are thinking about him or her.

Finally, let us not forget about our loved ones and how important the family is. Expressing your gratitude to them will undoubtedly deepen your relationship and give you energy for further action.



Thank someone you’ve usually never thanked before.

Have a nice day.


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