Part thirty-two: Awakening

Part thirty-two: Awakening


There have already been many awakenings in human history, such as the Enlightenment at the end of the 17th to the beginning of the 19th century. The central aspect was the growing awareness of society about topics such as naturalism, rationalism, optimism, and church reform. In other words, everything that improves and makes logic work to our advantage.

This kind of tendency is a long process and lasts for many decades, but being enlightened or simply awakened gives happiness.

This process began again, under different conditions and in a different form. It is difficult to determine how long it exists already, but it is undoubtedly in our lives for two decades and has expanded with the advent of the Internet. And as with other epochs, it has its name too, awakening.

As in every cycle, it consists of a few parts. And this time there are four main currents: elite, health, spiritual and internet. It is funny that each of these trends claims that they belong to the true, awakened ones. And all of them are right. As a member of all these movements at once, I want to explain it to you.

The elite movement was probably the first to emerge. As the name suggests, it refers to elites or what they do. In a short description, it means precisely that everything that you think that you know turns out to be untrue. Not everything is a lie; you need to know. There is a massive amount of knowledge, which through technological development and learning, must be checked once again. An excellent example of this is the discovery that our DNA is nothing more than a blueprint and is not able to transmit diseases from mother to child. And yet, they still don’t want you to know.

Of course, there are many lies sprayed by the elites. The movement of the awakened is nothing more than the separation of fairy tales instilled in us from childhood and starting to use our logic. It often looks like a conspiracy theory. But this is a systematic checking of everything that we know. Someone who thinks something is real, it does not have to be, and this is the basis for awakening. Another argument is the awareness that people and organizations are not honest. They live to deprive you of the last cent in your wallet. And as a result, they will come up with different stories on every subject to stupefy you, suppress or overpower you. Like, for example, an organization that claims we have overpopulation and wants to do something about it. Then installs cameras throughout the city for our security. Do you see the logic in this, or rather its lack?

The next movement, health, appeared after the technology came into our lives. Just like a few decades ago, organic terminology did not make sense. At that time everything was natural. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. The world got drunk with Roundup, GMO and mutated animals and stuffed with an antibiotic. That’s why this time too, there are already a large number of people who have looked through their eyes again. Among them, there are many variants, and not everyone follows the same path. Some are vegetarians, vegans, sugar-free, gluten-free, keto, organic, self-sufficient, protein-full and so on. Each of them wants also be right and convinced, but the general ideology of all is health.

This movement can also be a combination of both elite and health. Many of us notice the problems we have been experiencing recently, such as increasing the number of diseases and obesity. At the same time, we analyze who is responsible for it. Finally, we are opposing the general social mentality and also taking existence in one’s own hands, without the need to visit a pharmacist. And we have evidence that it works.

The next group that I want to discuss it’s spiritual. There are also many variants here. The basis is discovery (anew), that we are astral creatures, and everything is related to the cosmos, self-knowledge, mindset or law of attraction. This movement has little in common with spirits, as in previous eras, but with own soul and tearing off the essence of oneself. It is also a well-developed technique of cognition of consciousness and extraordinary abilities of the subconscious.

It is an incredible movement of self-confidence and achieving the impossible. Especially the law of attraction is worth studying. And although at first glance it sounds strange and complicated, it proves our brain efficiency. Affirmation consists of sending a request to the Universe, but I think it is our strong will that makes something positive happen. The problem is that there are as many theories as there are people in this field. After all, what counts is the result. True? And since: “Ask, and you will receive it”; works, it should not interest us where it comes from.

The last on the list is Internet movement. And although contrary to appearances, it has little to do with awakening, Internet users claim otherwise. Why? Because it has opened their eyes to other work opportunities. It is funny that the world has acknowledged that there is an ICT technique, but it does not yet tolerate other industries such as e-commerce or affiliate. Most of us don’t even know what this means. And people believe that making money on the internet is just a scam.

If you are one of these people, I have to disappoint you deeply. The only thing that has changed is the more chic name and medium of a range of the same professional sectors. So affiliate marketing is nothing more than mediator but on the internet. E-commerce is an ordinary shop, but instead of waiting for customers to enter through the door, they come through Amazon or another website. There are a few other areas that you know, such as counseling, education, mentoring or dietitian. Of course, now it is possible working without leaving home. Awakening, in this case, is that you change an eight-hour working day to two hours, no matter where you are in the world. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and an open mind.

Awakening is generally a chance for happiness. It gives you the satisfaction of being one of the first to discover the truth and change the course of history. It is also a journey consisting of famous stages: shock and disbelief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. However, these phases are fast, and you gain at the end of a beautiful life passion.



Awakening is mainly about using logic. Think about whether there is something in your environment or lifestyle that you think makes no sense or ignores the laws of nature. Analyze it.

Good luck


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