Part thirty-one: Little things that make you happy

Part thirty-one: Little things that make you happy


Our lives are very chaotic and busy. However, it consists of moments and moments, and then it forms a whole. Over a long distance, it is difficult for us to see a substantial list of things that bring happiness. We do not think about it. And we should encourage ourselves or cool down our day. This list should remind us how beautiful these impressions are and catch them in handfuls. Every day. Because happiness is in the details.

Coffee or tea in the morning.

Natural wake up without an alarm clock.

The first hot day of the year.

First snow in December.

A rainbow after the rain.

Watching butterflies.

Aroma of fresh strawberries.

Fast Internet.

Finding money on the sidewalk.

The smell of still hot bread.

The smell of a newly purchased book.

The smell of fresh sheets.

Pancake with Nutella for breakfast.

Long, relaxing bath.

Visit the flower shop.

Bench in the park.

Hugging the tree.

Lie down on the grass.

Eating a piece of cake.

Pet the cat.

Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Looking at the starry sky at night.

Clean room.

17.00 on Friday.

Clean shoes.

The first sip of cola.

Fireplace on the beach or lea.

When you say that you are on a diet, and people say that you are still lean.

The smell of the air after the rain.

Wake up in the middle of the night and realize that you still have many hours of sleep.

When you buy a small coffee in a cafe, and by accident, you get a large one.

Walking barefoot.

The smell of cut grass.

Singing in the bathroom or an echoed place.

All the way green lights by driving a car.

See a cloud that resembles an animal.

Making soap bubbles.

A smile on the street from an unknown person.

Breakfast in bed.

Removing shoes after a long day.

Snuggle with someone.


Finding a new and exciting series on Netflix.


Getting an invitation to the party.

Buying shoes that fit perfectly.

Listening to someone laughing.  

Loosening the jeans after eating.

Listening to the sound of lightning in the rain.

Feeding a homeless cat or dog.

The feeling of the sun’s rays on the skin

Picnic in the park.

100% charged a phone.

Film session at the cinema.

Long weekend.





List as many small things as possible that make you happy every day.


Have a nice day

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