Part thirty: News

Part thirty: News


Without looking at the news, I’m up to date with what’s going on in the world. After all, there are social media. But I am much happier than ever. If it weren’t for the fact that I do marketing through Facebook and Instagram, I would probably also move away from these servers.

My most prominent example is my mother. She is a woman who watches at least three journals a day. She is also the most stressed woman I know to such an extent that I am afraid to talk to her. In our conversations, she can list all the catastrophes that happened next to my place of residence. She provides detailed information on assaults, political scandals, earthquakes, murders and so on. I don’t like it very much, and I don’t care about it.

I find that my health is goas first by looking at it through all my life. After all, knowing what is going on anyway, I have any influence on it.

Today’s information rarely contains positives. There is an explanation for this. It is usually brainwashing because everything you see affects what you think. The world seems to be rotten and full of cruelty. Now and then we hear about catastrophes and miserable politicians, violence and terrorism, and the ramparts of nature. There is no day for something terrible not to happen. We have the impression that everything is happening closer and closer to us, that it touches people close to us.

Also, there is no truth in this. With the calculations of scientists from Oxford and Harvard, we live in a very safe time. We have fewer wars, murders, thefts, and accidents. But more hatred. And the last one is the responsibility of television. It is because our brain is like a sponge that absorbs everything it sees and hears. With only harm and lies in front of us, we instinctively look for guilty ones. The media also love to suggest ideas about who we should be afraid of these days. They don’t care about the consequences of their conclusions. Television can destroy the good name of a given nation, and sometimes of an entire continent or religion. It hurts the heart how cruel our thoughts are towards Muslims, the chosen by media, to frighten us whole day long.

it is total nonsense to believe in the word of reporters who have no right to have their own opinions. Because that’s how it works now, it may seem that any discussion is taking place in front of your eyes. However, everything is scheduled to the last second.

Interestingly, each channel has precisely the same events and the same description, sometimes repeated word for word. Every message must also have enough frightening words to keep us in suspense. Otherwise, we lose interest, which is unprofitable for them. The media live with ads served between programs.

For most people, the journal is the only source of shaping reality. It is a very curved image of the world because the present looks completely different. You only have to start traveling to see that people are good all over the world. Yes, in every country we have criminals and pure waste, but we cannot assume that an entire nation is broken. The size of the presented events also doesn’t match. From a small, shitty event, media can make an affair all over the world. Even the least important phenomenon takes on state importance. Something invisible suddenly frightens us to the limits of finality.

The average viewer also doesn’t realize how much fake news is produced daily. It is only to interest the public. This is done to ensure flow. No one is interested in good messages. It is a pity. Life would be more beautiful.

That’s why it’s a good idea to reduce the number of bad news. It drastically affects your psyche and well-being. Everything negative causes stress, tension and lack of faith in humanity. Your brain, just like your body, needs rest. It can’t be relaxed if you’re bombarded all the time with an unpleasant and endless tyranny. Critical thinking also disappears because we listen to the arguments of “wise” people. And since they are “wise,” they are probably right. Challenging anything would be madness. Unfortunately, this limits our ability to think, debate and make the right decisions. Television is usually programming us.

Another aspect is the impoverishment of our social contacts. Building ties with family or neighbors are significant. However, the media can quarrel us with each other. It happens not only among the inhabitants of a given city or state but also in their own backyard. It is not worth it. We should deal with respect and love. We cannot argue just because we have different views and beliefs.

So how you want to be happy stop watching lousy news. Nothing can happen if you don’t follow all the negative stimuli. Turn on your own thinking, and you will see that life is beautiful.



Turn off the TV entirely for two weeks for a trial. Read books, have a hobby or spend more time with family or friends. At the end of this period, notice changes in your emotions and behavior.



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