Part twenty-eight: Failure

Part twenty-eight: Failure


Defeat. How it tastes, everyone knows. It is an inevitable part of humanity: on this, we base our entire existence. This phenomenon occurs only in humans because nature does not know this term. All events in life have their reason and place. So why people pay so much attention not to make mistakes.

If you are a parent, you probably remember the first step of your child. To some point, the child crawls, but seeing us adults, walking on two legs, decides to do the same. Of course, the first attempt to get up is not successful, just like the other series. Only after some time of trials and falls, is he able to stand much longer. But this is not the end. Now he has to learn to walk. And as you remember, the child does not care how many times it falls over, scratch on the nose or cries. After a moment of reflection, he decides to get up and try again. And once again, and again, until the effect.

Do you remember how you learned to ride a bike? There are only a few children who can master this art the first time. Most of us have to go down many times, break the knee, hit a tree or fall over a curb. Can you remember if these failures contributed to the dropping out of training?

It is only at a later age when we are capable of critical thinking that we begin to doubt ourselves. Self-esteem decreases, and we start to see life in black colors. New terminologies, like resignation or surrender, are introduced to our mentality. By making mistakes, we begin to doubt our strengths and skills. And life’s obstacles are like confirmation that life is complicated and full of disappointments.

Although failure is an integral part of our lives, it is worth re-finding the child in yourself. We are in this world with a mission to be happy. Therefore, to get used to this emotion has a potential effect on the existence and joy of our reality. On the other hand, understanding this phenomenon will help you overcome even the most complicated adversities.

Failure is a lesson

It is the moment of reflection if you could have done something better. Not everything goes the first time; we are in a constant learning process. It is learning to develop and learn from mistakes. It is a precious experience, but often neglected and avoided. Awareness of this gives a positive perspective in achieving successes, not only professional but also private sectors.

Failure is the way to a better path

Not every one of our ideas is right. However, to take a goal in life, we must try everything we can. So if something goes wrong, it is a sign for us to see the challenge from a different point of view. Your attitude, both mental and emotional, will help you. Keeping in your grip the feeling you want to create, you can see the pros of your fall.

Failure warns of danger

Especially in business, but also in everyday life, failure can be a warning. A bad investment, insincere type of man or deep water, these are just a few examples. The perception of the threat does not refer to the first attempt, but the elimination of the next setback.

Failure is just fear

And fear has a quick ear. Fighting this puts us in an uncomfortable situation and makes us give up. At this point, ask yourself: ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen?’ Often our answers amaze us. It turns out that in most cases we do not even know what we are afraid of. By inventing fantastic stories, we are unable to undertake these actions anew.

Failure is a shame

Because who can admit his own mistakes? And what is the probability of showing them to the whole world? Degradation may be inconspicuous but subconsciously pushes us away from success. Much depends on our intercourse with family and friends, and their view of the problem. But also strong ignorance of other people’s opinions. Remembering that our decisions play a crucial role, we can separate ourselves from the public and actively work on ‘do not give a shit.’

Failure is a disappointment

And it is a painful feeling. It makes us start to question our possibilities. Self-contempt and anger begin to play the boss. Then we have to realize that we are part of nature, so we are perfect. The only thing is that we can make mistakes. It has nothing to do with the fact of who you are. It is just a failure of the performed activity. It does not say anything about a person, because each of us has many mistakes in his account, but about a less accurate decision at a given moment.

In conclusion, failure can be the breakthrough we are waiting for. It is energy to move on to the next level. It is both a stressor, but also a new possibility and we should make friends with it.



Ask yourself how you deal with failures. Is it a neutral feeling or restrained? What can you do to achieve success?

Good luck

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