Part twenty-seven: Your second marriage

Part twenty-seven: Your second marriage


To talk about happiness in marriage, we must love our partner, understand him and help him. Tolerance and trust play a huge role here. But also sacrifice, effort and brought energy. These are the factors that we need to build a stable relationship. And yes, we do these activities without hesitation and excessive thinking. They come automatically because we know how important it is to create the future.

That is why the question arises, what about your second marriage, job? You do not carry it until the end of your life, but you are connected with it most of your days. Your colleagues, you often call the second family, and the boss is the second father who does not want to get away from you.

Statistically, 70 percent of us are not satisfied with the work they do. Many factors affect it, such as motivation, security, interpersonal relations, communications, and company policy. Our happiness depends on your profession, industry, and commitment. Our productivity and mutual support rely on it. Implementing professional ambitions, we look for satisfaction and pride in ourselves.

The research shows that the best solution is to combine passion with work. So, do what you love, and you never work one day again. It is a little-used method, and it has its consequences. We are usually overworked, stressed out and with a limited vision for the future. And also, they affect our image and well-being.

There are many opinions about the combining of hobbies with work. Some think it’s a bad idea because it limits our private lives. Through this, we can quickly lose interest in our profession. On the other hand, doing what you love does not feel like a job, and you also make money on it.

Remember that a happy employee is a good employee. Working without passion affects depression and frustration. The work that we do not like and in which we are not successful, we will hate. It will be harder for us to concentrate, fulfill our duties and lead the company to success. Why have so many of us lack satisfaction with the work we do?

Of course, the most significant factor is to do what you love. The question is how to combine passion with the profession? It seems impossible, but there are many ways to do it. The most important attribute is the sincere desire to build a new future. The next is self-confidence, but also the awareness that making anything is a process. It is not always fast. Sometimes you need money and time. And above all, the knowledge of how to start. Creating their own business is also an option. Often this takes place with the current job so that we feel the working pressure. It can cause us to give up before we succeed. However, if we last to the end, the prize is fantastic.

Education in this direction is irreplaceable. Every successful person will tell you that learning is the foundation, but also that it is a lifetime investment. It never ends with one course, because a person learns his whole life. That is why it is worth investing in yourself and your happiness.

Sometimes the road to passion goes by other dungeons. For example, Sylvester Stallone worked at the cinema, and only in his free time, he went to the castings. He did not even have enough funds to support himself and his dog. He was forced to give it away for a few months, which was one of the most difficult decisions in his life. However, passion has won, and now we can see Sylvester in his amazing movies.

The next aspect is the established life goal. If we do not know in which direction we aspire, we will never get there. Being satisfied with the work done is not the end. We primarily have the task of planning the future. Our ambitions should lead and set the next steps. Without any perspective, we are just as bored and disappointed with each other. It does not matter if you want to have your own business or work for someone. It is essential that you can develop and expand your horizons.

We should also remember that we are never too old to find new and exciting work. Our environment changes all the time, and we follow it. Even in the same workplace, we can get a different position or other functions. If we have enough motivation and ambition, do not be afraid to ask for a promotion.



Go back to childhood and remind yourself of your interests. Are they still the same or have they changed? If you are interested in something else, what steps can you take to improve your quality of work?

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