Part twenty-six: Money

Part twenty-six: Money


If you think that money does not bring happiness, you’ve probably been born into a middle class or wealthy family, have good jobs, food on the plate and money in the bank. You never had a situation that you could not sleep for months because you could not pay your bills. You could always buy this dream car, go on holiday and visit expensive restaurants.

So it’s no wonder that most self-made millionaires are people from poor or broken families, where everyday life was a struggle for survival. They are people who can appreciate the value of money and have respect for it. And most importantly, they build opportunities for others to help them do the same.

Money is a tool. It has been known since the dawn of ages, not necessarily in the same form. As you know, people used gold or precious metals, animal disputes, salt and all goods that we could exchange. Acquiring new products is a common trading technique, and even primitive people knew about it. That is why there is a present strange attitude towards money and propaganda about it.

Money is neither bad nor good. This is a means of payment that is designed to make your life easier. It’s like a knife or other tools. It can hurt you but also help you in the kitchen.

That’s why the negativity about money and people of success is often surprising. It is the despair impact of today’s governments, but also education and lies sowed by the elite. The best example of this is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are standing still or falling. The system of learning is created only to deprive us of our power and freedom.

Happiness will never be born of anguish and stress, so our relationship with money must also be confirmed. Just like saying ‘Money does not bring happiness’ has to be overthrown. Here are some significant facts about it.

Happiness is a combination of three factors: love, health, and money. If one of them fails, you will not have the full potential of enjoying another one. So have cash without health or love, or have love and health, but do not have the funds to take care of them.

Safety is one of the essential human values, if not the most important. However, there are many aspects of this word. One of them is that you can buy security and each of us does it. When you buy a house, you protect your family against cold and rain, but also the outside world. Safety is also your comfortable bed, equipment that does not spoil, bathroom and personal hygiene, but also access to a doctor, a car if necessary, and practically everything around.

If you do not exchange time for money, you can create freedom. Imagine that you only need 2 hours a day to generate five times as much as an eight-hour working day. You spend the rest of the time with family and on entertainment.

Another fact is research from two universities in the US on money and happiness. They tested almost two million people from 164 countries. Both clearly showed that money gives happiness. It is true to a particular stage, but without we are unhappy. However, it demonstrated that cheerful thinking money plays a huge role and how we spend it. The statistics show that you will be much happier buying experiences than things, meaning nothing you can touch or lick, but events and our memories.

Happiness with money felt good if you spend it on someone else. Experiments to confirm this was done on all social groups with a different history of life. It helps with a relationship to improve the quality of interaction with a person. This is exceptionally human behavior.

Money also contributes to the growth of opportunities and chances. Through wealth or a more considerable sum of capital, we can arrange our life anywhere on earth, choose the right partners for business or even start new professions without the stress of tomorrow.

The last element that wants to bring up is the kind of happiness and confusing it with love. Because man is an emotional creature, he often translates these beliefs into money. One with the other has little in common because as you know, you cannot buy affection. Here is another reason, or long-term life satisfaction. In other words, you do not feel like a complete failure. It also brings the prospect of sending children to a better school so that they have a better life or you can plan your golden years. Lack of funds will be a considerable burden, and as a result, we will not be optimally functioning.

Thus, the relationship with money should be cultivated in a beautiful sense of the word. We all work to earn a living so that we have a future. Let us be full of respect for ourselves and money because sometimes this is your best friend



Write your limited beliefs about money on a piece of paper. It may be, for example, that rich people are thieves, or that money is the core of evil. Write how much you can do. Then answer the question where this exaggeration came from and how to get rid of it.

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