Part twenty-five: Sport

Part twenty-five: Sport


Regular training after 30 minutes increases the production of endorphins, the hormone responsible for well-being. You not only become proud of yourself but also you look positively at the world. It works actively for stress and depression.

Only, what if you’re like me…? A person who really hates sports?

Yes, I have to admit that I’m not a fan of physical exercise. I have never been one and probably never will. I am a slim and extremely healthy person. So why bother. I do not even have time for that. Truth?

No. It turns out that I have been participating in sports since childhood, but none of them have ever really felt like sports. Subconsciously I chose only fun stuff. And not because I wanted to practice, but because it was fun. And as you know, in the game, everything goes easier. That is why, and for you, lazy, I created a list of activities worth trying.


Everyone can do it. This is the easiest way to move. It is excellent cardio because it stimulates blood pressure and sugar levels, and above all builds muscle from the buttocks down. You can do it in the park or on trips outside the city, or go to your store on foot.


Almost everyone likes to dance, so why not combine business with pleasure? However, this dance has even more practical additions. Not enough of it burns calories and fat; it also improves coordination, condition and is easy to remember. This dance is for everyone, but it has one significant disadvantage; it is addictive.


Whoever loves water can be tempted. This sport has it to be an excellent method for people with injuries or aching joints. It is known for activating all the muscles of the body. To get the benefit from it, you do not even have to swim laps. Just play with children, for example with a ball.

Pole dancing

Some time ago, I remembered, the motif of this dance was learning charms. It is not the case for a long time. Now it is a sport for both man and woman. You can find dance lessons on the pipe at the gym, but also in other places because they grow like mushrooms after rain. Nothing unusual; this sport is a great way to strengthen your muscles and learn flexibility.


Small or large does not matter. A trampoline entertains everyone. Beautiful that there were also many original versions of exercises. It is used both in a sports school, as well as in your own garden and even a living room. An interesting fact is that 10 minutes of jumping equals 30 minutes of running. So let’s jump together.


It’s probably my favorite sport. As a child, I used to roll to school (30 km distance) and now for fun with my daughters on Sundays. They are not too fierce to sport. However, they love this kind of activity.

Aerial yoga

It’s a bit of aerobics and a bit of yoga. It involves exercises in a hanging fabric attached to the ceiling. Revelation. It is so funny that you do not feel you are practicing. There is a lot of laughter, so our belly muscles work more efficiently.

Aikido or Judo

Although Aikido requires more technique than Judo, both are similar to each other. It is a lot of fun at the same time. Generally, it’s about maintaining a balance by bringing someone to the ground. Sure, someone will get offended soon, but the stocks look almost the same, only the start is from a different position. The whole training takes the muscles in motion.

Indoor climbing

There is nothing like exercise and adrenaline combined. Because although climbing does not have to be high, even these few meters is impressive.

Jumping rope

Just like a trampoline, you do not have to spend a lot of time with it. After only a few minutes we achieve great results. You can organize competitions, who can jump the longest, with your children or friends.


If there is any possibility of entering the tower, wherever I am, it is the first thing I do. I do not use the elevator; I just go up the stairs. Try it; it is not difficult.


Unless you give out these strange sounds at the service, you should try at least once. It is more recreation than sport. People who play for the first time have pleasant memories. It is fun, and we do not even notice the whole body workout.

Boxing (not professional)

It will not only give you fitness, but you can also re-mentally. It can be practiced both at the gym and in the comfort of your home. All you need is boxing gloves and a boxing cushion. Connect to this kicking, and you have complete training.

Game console with motion detector

Who does not know ‘Just Dance’? Almost everyone and most of us love it. So why not do it more often? Without leaving the house, we can have some fun and also add daily exercise. It’s also great entertainment with friends or family. There were many great dance programs available for all consoles in the market. Find your favorite.



If you do not practice yet, find your favorite sport. You can also change, for example, swimming today, skipping rope tomorrow. The most important thing is that you have fun.

Have a nice workout

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