Part twenty-four: Weirdo

Part twenty-four: Weirdo


From Facebook, through Instagram to television, freaks are known all over the world. They have a greater range, more followers, more views and more fun in life.

Everyone has something strange in themselves, but most of them try to be normal at all costs. From a small age, we teach to mature, be exemplary, try to imitate others, belong to the majority. Who of us did not hear from our parents that we behave decently? Or from the teachers, what image does the society expect from us?

Nothing is more wrong than thinking that being normal is our destiny. Let’s wake up and see that normality does not exist. It’s a pure political construction to keep us under control. Another aspect is the fact that what is standard for you is not necessary for someone else. What in simple reasoning means that weirdness is to be ourselves.

A few arguments to convince you to be proud that you are or want to be a freak:

Courage and creativity

These two advantages go hand in hand. This is because, without courage, it’s difficult to be creative. And we need such people on earth to diversify our lives. Unconventional ideas have always aroused resistance and speculation, but they proved popular and not replaced over time.


Each of our strange behavior can potentially prove to be a strength. Every difference is something special, and it sets you apart. In matters of success, it is this advantage that will distinguish you from others, give you a faster start and recognition.


Nothing is as valued as a sincere approach to life. People expect truthfulness. In this hypocritical world, where everyone prefers to hide, it is you who can show your face. Exactly what it is.


Those who are above average are recognized better. Nobody remembers this gray Hans, standing by the wall at the New Year’s party. But everybody mentions this boy who danced like a robot.


Every idea and innovation began with an original idea. Also, every style in fashion, culture and even politics. Actually, in every sphere of life, there was a moment that someone said not for their standards and invented their own. And the people followed him.


Being different, or yourself also has excellent potential for joining the tribe. As an example, I will give my own. Being in the park, I love to hug the trees. Virtually to pre-greet some of them by touch, kiss, and verbal greeting. Then I ask the last tree to give my words further. So one day, while doing my ritual, a woman approached me. She replied that she was doing the same every time. This meeting caused that friendship was born and, also, benefit. It turned out that she knows about the plants and that I can cure asthma. At that time, I was not able to breathe normally, but after a few adjustments in my life, I did not have any more seizures.

Less competition

Imagine that you are so extraordinary that you are the only one in your industry. You choose the rules, and others adapt to them. It would not be beautiful if you dictated to the world what will happen now? Oddities create their own markets.

Less painful

Attempting to adapt to the environment is a painful experiment, and most often it fails. The best example of this is school life and the problems of kids. Being authentic is a lot easier because you do not have to pretend, lie and remember all the details, try to find someone other than yourself.

More profitable

Something original always costs more. What is too much and is usually loses value. That is in business and so in life. Remember that you choose the price at this point, and no one else.

More fun

Fun is laughter, and laughter is happiness. We learn to cheer up the world. Let not be grays; let not regard our existence as a punishment; let the world be better and more joyful.

In one conclusion; weirdness is the youth of the spirit. Let’s be aware of that.



Do something strange this week. So that you would surprise others. If you are not adequately prepared for it, start small, like dancing or singing while waiting for a bus.

Have fun discovering yourself

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