Part twenty-two: Detox

Part twenty-two: Detox


American scientists spent a few years in China to study the relationship between pollution and well-being. They found that air quality affects physical health, cognitive performance, and IQ. It led to an unambiguous conclusion; toxins make us unhappy.

Unfortunately, not only the air is polluted. Nowadays, everything is toxic; water, food, meat. Added to this are chemtrails, vaccination, fertilizers, antibiotics, and our stimulants. It affects us terribly. That is why it is important to clean yourself at least twice a year from toxins and heavy metals. It is assumed that the average person gathers about one kilo of poisonous substances a year.

Because you will always find the answer to this problem in nature, I present a top-rated list of resources that will make you happy over time. Above all, by removing the junk from your body.


This tree is slightly toxic, which is why you should read the contraindications. It is strictly forbidden for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and people who have epilepsy. It is best to use in homeopathic remedies. It eliminates heavy metals, microorganisms, lung stagnation and is anti-stress.


It occurs practically everywhere: in fruits, vegetables, cereals, seafood, and spices. (90% of our planet contains Silica.) Women use this mineral for hair, skin, and nails because it is known for it. However, it includes many other properties. It is used by homeopathic doctors to regenerate the body.


It is an alga, but it comes from water ponds. It contains enormous amounts of chlorophyll, group B vitamins, folic acid, amino acids, and other substances. It can be used all year long. Regenerates and purifies the body.


It is a herb, often used in dishes. Unfortunately, not very often. Cilantro contains vitamin A, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron. However, the most critical factor is the presence of active antioxidants. It cleanses our body of pathogens that cause digestive problems. It is an excellent measure of bacterial attacks.

Aloe Vera

You can swallow a multivitamin or eat a piece of aloe. It’s the same because this plant contains virtually all vitamins and microelements, but also amino acids. It strengthens the body’s natural resistance to stress and traumatic experiences and is used in anxiety. It cleanses the body of toxins.

Magnesium chloride

Without magnesium in the body, everything is falling apart: we have dizziness, tooth decay, palpitations, irritability, medications, depression and lack of concentration. Magnesium, unfortunately, is not absorbed well when the body has too much calcium. That is why it is recommended to use it for bathing. It dissolves very well in water. It absorbs perfectly through the skin.


People who have sleep problems use it. Insomnia and sleep disorders have an extraordinary impact on your well-being, through the regeneration of your body at night.


In particular, clay bentonite is often recommended. It is a natural raw material and comes from volcanic rocks. It creates an electric charge. Because of this, it finds heavy metals in the body, catches them and expels them outside. It has antibiotic properties; it treats skin allergies, detoxifies, accelerates wound healing, improves the functioning of the digestive system.

Medical cannabis

As part of censorship, I must add that cannabis only ‘supports’ healing of cancer, AIDS, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, Draveta syndrome, arthritis, jaundice, intestinal inflammation, diabetes, asthma, migraine, and a thousand other diseases. So turn on thinking yourself. CBD oil works best with a combination of THC. There are many varieties of Cannabis, and each has different properties and is useful in the fight against other diseases. So, the less we are ill, the happier we are.


It is a herb and cleanses the body of toxins. Practically flushes out the garbage from the body. Favors bacterial flora supports the intestines and digestive system.


The best you can find yourself, the shoe did not grow next to the road, where there is a lot of pollution. You can make teas and soups from it. It is delicious with spices in a salad or a sandwich. It is a different remedy for the proper work of the liver, stomach, and pancreas. It has many minerals and enzymes. And above all, it cleanses the body of harmful substances.


Often used in teas. This is the last herb I want to discuss, but probably the most important. Namely, it empties our intestines from deposits left after treatments previously discussed. It is the last element to close the cleansing. Also, it also detoxifies and heals our digestive system.



Thinking that happiness is in nature, I warmly invite you to choose your own detox. It may consist of the substances I have discussed, but you can also find many other body-supporting plants.

Enjoy your meal

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