Part twenty-three: Intelligence

Part twenty-three: Intelligence


People who consider themselves intelligent are happier. And it does not matter if they are wise or not. Statistics speak for themselves.

In primary school, I was a model student. In high school, everyone thought I was an idiot. And during college, I was a genius. All phases were incredibly exciting and showed me one crucial aspect, self-confidence. And that you do not need to know everything to consider yourself intelligent.

Intelligence is too sophisticated to give it a number. Most tests involve solving mathematical formulas or language skills. There is not one universal way that states whether someone is smart. IQ tests have proven that they have nothing to do with wisdom, but only show the ability in a given field. However, there are many of these spheres, and they are not included in the questions.

Intelligence is the ability to deal with different situations, the ability to think logically (not necessarily mathematical) or the ability to conclude. It has nothing to do with genes, only early stages of development and the environment. It forms throughout your life. Professionals have different theories on this subject. However, they agree: It’s the ability to solve practical problems, learn from your own experience and adapt to the environment around us.

The scientist also discovered a few other wisdom correlations, so read carefully. If at least one refers to you, in my opinion, you can be proud of yourself.

You have a sense of humor

Intelligent people are more fun. It started by testing a sense of humor of the people. This advantage attributes to a fast switch in the brain, which results in faster correlations.

You have a cat

This study is conducted in 2014. It found that people who have a cat are more intelligent than those with dogs and have higher cognitive abilities. Unfortunately, the number of cats in one apartment was not taken into account.

You are tall

These studies were carried out on thousands of adults by scholars from Edinburgh. A straightforward relationship found between the genes responsible for growth and intelligence. Other studies have been carried out on four-year-old children to exclude the role of school education. And in this group, the higher kids were better off.

You are slim

There are many studies in this area. These showed that the heavier the person, the smaller the IQ. Their findings suggest that high-calorie food badly influences the creation of conditions for the development of brain abilities and exercises. So the more healthy diet, the better we function.

You are the oldest of the siblings

Here, the researchers summarize the fact that the firstborn get more effort on the part of their parents; that is, they have a psychological background. Then, older children take care of their siblings, but they learn to solve problems from a small age.

You are musical

I came to some experiments, and everyone talked about a different kind of musical talent. In the first place was playing an instrument, which means better coordination between the two hemispheres of the brain. The singing was different because the sounds affected the verbal rhythm and intelligence. The third one is dancing.

You fall asleep late

Yes, falling asleep at late hours favors intelligence, and thus sleeping off in the morning. The tests conducted on students in the United States and clearly showed that sleeping early does not affect as well as is generally accepted.

You are left-handed

These people are more creative and above the norm. It is related to the intensive communication of both hemispheres.

You are curious

And no, what a neighbor does, just curious about the world. They are also people who love to ask and answer questions that are already known. They are also first and foremost thinkers and often perceived as hobbyists of conspiracy theories.

You like procrastination

Unfortunately, I did not find an explanation about this topic, but too often I encountered this argument to not to use it. It seems to me that it is not about laziness. It is instead thinking out into the future when we have something to do, spending time analyzing and debating with ourselves. We leave important things for later.

You like to study

Not necessarily in the school bench. These are people who choose a documentary than a series or desire to read; they have a hobby like a history, astrology, technology or biology. They ask many questions and often unanswered doubts.

In the end, I also want to explain the purpose of these arguments. Yes, people who consider themselves intelligent are happier. It has everything to do with believing in yourself and not paying attention to the comments of others or bullying. Unfortunately, I often hear these words from outstanding people: “But I’m stupid.” In my opinion, this must change. And if you belong to this group, reread the text 😉



Find a person who is struggling with self-confidence, and study the above points with her.

Have fun

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  1. Ruud

    Great post! I never thought about intelligence combined with those items. But I get it.
    Can it be that you tick all the boxes? Except for the sleeping-part I think I do as well 🙂

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