Part twenty: Communication and conflicts between the sexes

Part twenty: Communication and conflicts between the sexes


Communication and interaction between partners is an age-old debate who is right, who is in charge or who is wiser or more courageous. Conflicts resulting from misunderstanding or misinterpretation act as a cloth for a bull and lead to family disorders. Which of course is not a way of happiness. Therefore, as part of communication, we will listen to what the opposite sex has to say.

I will use two more extensive studies in the area that annoys our partner most. The first one concerns women. It is carried out among several thousand men by the British company Remington and perfectly sums up the disadvantages of the fair sex. Here’s a summary:

Women are always in a bad mood

As men say, this is the main reason why they are afraid of their partner. In their opinion, there is a reason for irritability and fear states. It does not mean that women are always bad; only women make such an impression on him. Probably this is because women have the whole house on their shoulders and they must not only take care of their home, children, and work. They are always absorbed in thoughts and planning. In response, the man is often removed from the view to be unnoticeable.

Women love to interrogate

Where were you, what were you doing, who were you with? It is another very annoying habit that not only reveals detective tendencies but also violates the sense of space. You do not need more imagination to understand that continually asking is a lack of any respect and lack of trust. It is true that in the woman’s head it appears as a mere curiosity in her often dull and monotonous life. However, the man feels like in a cage.

Women humiliate and talk behind their backs

Pointing out mistakes is learned by them to perfection, mainly because everything must go their way. If this is not the case, they will not fail to accost the appropriate verbal or argument. What’s more, they have to let their frustrations fail on their friends who want to know spicy and embarrassing details (according to them, unsuccessful) of marriage. At this moment, no man can defend himself.

Women expect too much

A man is not infallible, and although women see him as a prince on a white horse, he can not do everything. And here the problem starts entirely with everything. For example, reading in mind, for repairs of doors. Women are and will be perceptive. It does not mean that the man sees or wants to see what she is. And he certainly has no paranormal abilities. Yes, it’s true, a woman has a high perception of the world around her. Without words, she can communicate and even by nodding her head; she can give her colleagues the most complicated message. Beautiful in that each of them will understand this message. This gift is not ridden by men. First of all, because they do not like complicated life or excessive thinking. And most importantly, they are not interested in it.

Women do not have an understanding

The relationship for women means one; you are mine for the rest of my life! For a man, peace. Which does not say that his social existence has died. According to him, in what is right, marriage is not a prison. And he can not understand why a woman restricts his freedom. Going out with friends to a pub for a beer is the most often cited example. But also practicing all kinds of hobbies.

And what do women say about men?

The man has no sense of order

Smelly socks here, panties in the living room, and the dishes are still not washed. Life sloppiness knows no boundaries. A woman who chooses her husband also wants a life partner who will not act like in the home of his own mother. They expect that the guy taking the initiative into his own hands and not putting more on his shoulders than he already is on the list. Unfortunately, a relationship for a man is just a move from the family home to the family, so in their opinion, not much changes. It brings women to panic.

The man has no ambition

The average man, according to women, is lying on the couch and watching a match on TV. Lack of interest in the world and woman’s life irritates the opposite sex. It is not only about professional issues but about the whole.

The man cheats and lies

If we are to believe statistics, it means that only 10 percent of men are faithful. Unfortunately, these studies are often poorly formulated, and they often say not about the relationship in which the man is now, but about his whole life. In this case, he could be 16 years old, but he is still listed in the register. Without supporting any of the parties, it is worth recalling that this is a frequent reason for the breakup of unions.

The man behaves like a child

Although many women are amused, the majority have a grudge. Especially as a huge guy is not immune to pain and cries in a 37-degree sub-febrile condition.

A man requires more from a woman than from himself

Nowadays we quite understand why women think so. We work 8 hours a day, and when we come home, we start the second change of 8 hours cleaning, washing, cooking and playing with children. Women often complain that they do not have any help from a man, and worse, the guy always has some other cravings or grudges, for example, he does not like the soup, but his pants are not ironed.



Change at least one thing in your behavior towards the opposite sex and in this way start building happiness in the relationship.

I wish you courage

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