Part nineteen: The impact of clothing on the well-being

Part nineteen: The impact of clothing on the well-being


It’s Saturday, ten in the morning. You walk around the house, and you cannot wake up. You have a lot to do that day, but you cannot collect your thoughts. There is a beautiful day outside, but something disturbs you in discovering it. You have already made a third cup of coffee and wonder why this day is so hard. In the end, you cannot stand it, go back to the bedroom, pull your pajamas and get into more appropriate clothes and feel that you are starting to leave. Does it tell you something?

Experts agree with each other; clothing affects well-being and mental comfort or psychological discomfort. What we wear is of great importance as others, or ourselves perceive us. They give us a conviction about our thinking and self-esteem. They cause productivity or nervous relaxation. And most importantly, they give us charm.

Stylists and scientists have provided an exemplary list of their facts about the dress code. It seems that they do not have different beliefs about basic styles, but they differ as water and fire as what they consider fashionable in the season. Often these are abstract clothes, although you do not even know what a piece of cloth is used for. That’s why I paid attention only to the factors that give happiness or do not take it away.

The first argument often heard is the choice of fabric. This matter is so banal that we often overlook its meaning. In health research, it was shown that silk turned out to be the best as pajamas, because it positively influences blood pressure, does not electrify and provides the skin with excellent ventilation. Thanks to which we get up rested and woken up in the morning. Cotton affects our creativity because it gives a feeling of softness and naturalness. Unfortunately, if it is not ecological, it can seriously harm us. The reason is that cotton cultivation is saturated with chemicals, and factories do not remove them in the production of clothes. That’s why we often hear not to wear anything straight after the purchase, but first wash it, dry it and iron it to minimize the negative factors that irritate our health.

The next determinant is clothing and the time of the day. Depending on the type of business, we dress according to the standards in your sector, but after finishing the work, it is often advisable to wear with a more comfortable outfit. This tactic allows you to relax and separate yourself from your work by not bringing it home. In short, it will let you forget about the nasty employer and even more annoying colleagues.

Our clothes also help us in interpersonal relations or harm us. Thus, individual garments talk about specific details about a person’s character, its strong or negative sides. According to psychologists, for example, close-fitting clothes say that we need love or we seek support by showing our shapes. Wide wear appears as your freedom and independence, but also arrogance. A typically layered garment is meant to make everyone understand that a person is a closed book and we will often find it challenging to discover new layers of her life. Naked shoulders suggest resourcefulness, a cap with a peak of determination and intellectual value, colorful footwear complexes. The mentioned attributes are not standard. There is a lot of what age we are, what figure we have or what the season is.

We can help mentally by fitting the wardrobe accordingly. Did you know that formal business clothing helps in thinking? We can think faster, more inquisitively and we have better ideas. Solving problems is also more effective in this way. Men and women in suits are better sellers; they get more trust from the public from knowing things.

Another aspect not considered is another issue. Adjacent and inflexible clothes can have a terrible effect on our health. Especially in people suffering from heartburn or abdominal pain is advised to change the cut or type of fabric. Too tight clothes can cause many diseases like hyperacidity, ulcers, nausea or constipation. Loosen the belt or dressing up stretchy garments is most desirable.

If you are often tired, have headaches and find it difficult to concentrate, it is worth analyzing whether it is through a tight bodice, belt or corset. It may have a lot in common with insufficient air intake through the lungs because shrunken organs do not do their job at one hundred percent. The same applies to tight jeans, and for this cellulite, tingling and lack of feeling in the legs, spasms, and painful feet.

In the end, it is worth adding that each of us has a favorite style, fabric or clothing. Wearing clothing is meant to help us and improve our well-being, but we also have to feel good about it. To bring out the essence of our happiness, one should also experiment and change outfit frequently. However, there is nothing more confident than just clean and fragrant clothes.



Note of what moment during the day you have the least energy. Try to change clothes at this particular time using not only other clothing, but as mentioned earlier, in combining the color associated with the feeling you want to create.

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