Part seventeen: Travel and happiness

Part seventeen: Travel and happiness


If you think that travels do not give you happiness, you’ve probably never crossed the borders of your city, you have never experienced the charms of different architecture and have not tasted the culinary traits of a foreign culture.

Nowadays, going on a long journey is not difficult or expensive. Tourist agencies are outdoing each other in offers of more and more beautiful corners of the world, new cultures and guarantees of adventure. At the turn of the last decade, there were also many platforms helping tourists find free accommodation anywhere in the world. is the best example of this. It is a program where you can find housing by local residents in exchange for friendship.

To talk about traveling, you do not have to go far. Sometimes visiting the city next to yours will be a great adventure and relaxation. And what do you think about a trip to the forest, visiting a different restaurant than usual or even choose a route to work completely different than the one you beat every day. This tactic allows new experiences and eye-catching for new skills.

Why is it worth traveling?

You can buy a new car or TV, but only when spending money on a trip, you buy experiences and emotions. It is always the first statement on the mouth of travelers. The explanation is that you will enjoy a day or two of the new things you buy, travel memories are forever.

Getting to know new cultures teaches us acceptance, which does not mean that we can love them at first sight. It often reaches us after many years, in random conversations about a given nation and unjust settlements. Another reference for acceptance is ordinary learning of life, precisely as it is at this moment, anywhere in the world. It is the science of patience to the everyday life of a given society and to appreciate one’s patterns.

Travels teach resourcefulness. I do not know about you, but I once packed a suitcase that could not exceed 24 kg, and I went somewhere for two months. Besides, I’m not a fan of pinning everything on the last button, so often the only thing I have is an airline ticket. Without a hotel and no ideas where to land, I have to have my head on my shoulders and pull through.

Travel educates, acquire new skills, learn new languages ​​and culture. Of course, it depends on your attitude. People who buy all-in and for the next two weeks do not leave the resorts, they have no basis for any education. However, if you are open to nature, architecture and local food, especially the last one they are a delicious way to feel good.

An important factor is also the possibility of detachment from reality. By spending time in a different place, we forget about the problems of everyday life, work or bad memories. Life can drown us, which is why it is so important to find time to relax so that when we return, we have the energy to live again. Also, we begin to appreciate the place from which we come and feel the longing for family and friends. This bond is becoming more strict.

We discover beautiful places; we can not forget about that. The azure ocean, palm trees and cocktail in hand are for the most part the peak of perfection. A trip to snow-capped mountains or deserts creates in us other emotions. The beauty of these corners will accompany us throughout our lives.

We learn to appreciate trifles that give joy, like real mango color, sun or magnet on the fridge. It may also be to find this unique restaurant, the smile of a person accidentally met or the discovery of this unique souvenir shop.

Travels teach us coordination and orientation in the field. It becomes so simple that it’s trivial. At some point, you no longer have to worry that you will get lost and you have to stick to the main street. You also rarely ask about the way of residents; you start to feel at ease and confident. This skill is particularly useful in countries with general chaos, such as Asia.

We can not forget about people and new acquaintances. It is a great way to extend the social horizon. Nursing friendships from our journey can serve us for years and even bring material benefits.

The last advantage that I would like to move is love, or a chance to find it. And although there is a general belief that holiday romances do not have a chance of survival, in reality, it is a big misunderstanding. I know hundreds of couples who have met on vacation and now live happily together.

So yes, traveling is a great thing, but also a way of living. It is an addiction that positively floats on your well-being and the image of yourself. It is a way to survive or a career. He is the perfect breaker and your best friend.



I want to offer you my tactics for frequent traveling. It does not matter if a family proposes a trip; we never ask ourselves whether it is worth it. Our question is when?


I wish you a wide road

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