Part fifteen: Own charity organization

Part fifteen: Own charity organization


Standing in the queue at the supermarket, I noticed a senior man at the checkout, looking nervously for money in his pockets. He was going to buy bread and butter. The cashier was a little nervous and stared at the stressful movements of the man. In the end, she could not stand it, and she cried: Only 5 cents or you must sacrifice something. The public in the store was even worse. Right behind me, a lady began to cluck nervously, two teenagers in front of me started to mock, and the rest tried to pay no attention to anything, turning their backs. For me, it was a very bothering phenomenon, primarily when it was just about five cents. That’s why I took out my wallet, took out 5 cents, went to that man and put a coin in his hand.

I used to read about this guy an article in a local newspaper. It was about a homeless young man with a dog who sleeps on the street. In our city, you can not see the homeless daily, because there are many shelters, and everyone has a roof over their heads in one of these centers. However, in his case, it was different because these centers did not accept animals. This immense love for his dog and a great reluctance to hurt him by giving him to the shelter meant that the boy could never find accommodation. So seeing him at our store without hesitation, by shopping for myself, I also bought a dog snack. By giving the dog later this tidbit near the store, I got a big kiss from him, actually big licks.

I made a great dinner. However, I always have a considerable reluctance to cook; that’s why I learned to prepare meals for two days. That was also the day, but I did not realize that the next morning we were going on holiday. Unfortunately, we still had boxes of a pot of delicious tomato soup. After a moment of thinking, I decided to post on the local Facebook page, where everyday people give away their unnecessary things for free. The message was short: I did too much, did anyone want to? In a few minutes, the woman reported that she was able to get soup immediately, so I invited. It turned out that it was a single mother of four children during a divorce and that she had not eaten for a couple of days.

It was the last train of the evening. At the entrance gate, I noticed a young girl who was on the verge of crying. I approached her and asked if everything was good with her. And she replied that she had lost her wallet and that she could not get home. If she does not catch the last train, she will be forced to stay at the station. So I bought her a ticket. Otherwise, she would not even go through the port to reach the stowaways. On the train, she wanted, at all costs, a bank account number to transfer my money for the trip. I gave it to her, though in my heart I did not expect that there are still honest people in the world and that I would ever get it back. Next day I was shocked, checking my account; I noticed that this girl had transferred the amount to my bank account.

I have more such stories, so much that I could write a new book. However, staying in the subject, which will make you happy, it is to help the other, selfless and sometimes free help to another. You can be sure of one thing in this matter, after a good deed, your day cannot go wrong. And sometimes you think to yourself that you have not done anything special to receive such magical thanks, you must know that you will be spreading energy until the end of the day.

When I write this chapter, I hear your voice: but I give money to charities, so that’s enough, right? The truth is that most of these supposedly great outlets are not a nonprofit at all. I know it from the autopsy. Before the money reaches the needy, it will be just a tiny piece of what you initially deposited. Do not fool yourself that you will feel better when they collect money automatically from your bank account, or that you will know exactly what will happen to it, and for what purposes will be used.

For the same money or willingness, you can ‘open’ your charity. Of course, this will not be a real organization on paper, only in your heart. Instead, you will be in the role of director at once, exercising power over decisions and thoughts related to your agency. You do not have to work there every day, but only if necessary. You can also hire staff (your children) so that they can help you achieve your goal free of charge.

Yes, but what goals do you ask?

Sometimes helping your neighbor to lift a cabinet from the fifth floor without a lift can be a good start. But more seriously, if you want to donate some amount of money, for example to an animal shelter in your area, instead, go to the store, buy this amount of animal feed and bring it to the shelter yourself. By the way, you’ll be able to see the animals with your own eyes and their gratitude seeing you.

Other ideas for charity are: help the homeless find home and work, free the turtle from the net in the ocean, give the owner the found wallet back, give away the clothes you wear for the family in your neighborhood that you think needs the most. Are you rich? Then go to Africa and dig wells for the family with the most massive water deficit, or sponsor the medical operations of someone who can not afford it.

Remember that at every step you can get a smile of gratitude under the slogan of your imaginary organization. This smile will accompany you all day and maybe even a few days. Do not be indifferent to the injuries of the other person, help can be straightforward and not expensive, just like helping an old woman to go to the other side of the road. You must understand that every good deed you will do selflessly, and then happiness will come back to you, that’s why you do it for yourself.



Create your fantastic charity and arrange it by adding imaginary furniture and staff. Do not look for good deeds at all costs, they will find you. You only need to keep your eyes open to spot them.

I wish you creativity

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  1. Ruud

    Amen! Wonderful angle Aldona. 🙏 There are good charities, of course, but this a really good idea. DIY charity. ❤️

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