Part fourteenth: Just hit something

Part fourteenth: Just hit something


Not someone, but something…

And the talk is about the immediate discharge of emotions. There are many ways to do this; the best ones will be briefly described. So if you are the majority of the society, which most often chokes your anger, and then creates a long-lasting battle with yourself and the world, it is wise to get some knowledge about it. Since our body is like fire. If we do not get water, it will spread in no time and take everything around.

Exasperated anger, especially if someone does not find an outlet, turns into long-term quarrels. These types of debts often cost a lot of energy, money, and health. In the long run, it turns into an embarrassing spit about who is right or who has the last word, and at the end, no one even knows what all started with it. The list below is to empty your anger in a second to a few minutes so that you can enjoy life again.

Intense exercises

You do not have to go to the gym and spend a few hours there; you only need a few minutes of very intense physical activity until muscle pain or loss of breath. In a simple word, the pressure inside you is supposed to escape. An example is making pushups, squats, a few minutes of jumping at one place, dancing or sprinting around the building.

Scream, squeak, and crying

This technique is sensational because it gives you the opportunity to spit out your anger in a few seconds. It is of little use as we are among the people in the shopping center, but you can always quickly get to your car, close yourself in it and shout out how much force in your lungs. It’s intense sounds you make, believe me, you will feel like a newborn.

Hit something

The most commonly used item is a regular pillow. For the more nervous people, it is recommended to buy a professional boxing cushion and hang it at home. Remember that whatever it is, it has to be soft so as not to damage any part of the body unnecessarily.


Here are four variants of the bath; in the tub or the shower, hot or cold. Depending on your preferences, we choose the best one. A hot soak in the tub relaxes the muscles, and the cold shower will cool you down, literally and figuratively.


Counting up to ten, and in critical situations, up to a hundred, in a simple way calms the mind and body. After such a count, we often forget why we were angry at first.

Watering the flowers

Nothing loosens like nature and nothing else as we do it languidly. Watering plants and flowers, especially potted ones, does not happen chaotically. Otherwise, we spill water. Therefore, fetch water into a watering can and cover all the plants in the apartment. If this option does not exist, take a hose and fill the garden.

Tear the newspaper

Put it in half a few times first so that you can hardly make the first move. Then take it to the smallest pieces and toss them up like confetti and admire the view for a few seconds. If necessary, repeat the tossing of the sections. Finally, clean up.

Catch your ears

According to Elizabeth Cornell of the Muscle Therapy Center in New York, it works surprisingly. The only thing you have to do is take both ears with your palms and slightly turn them left and right. Through this movement, by vibrating the membrane, it stimulates the area of ​​the brain responsible for lowering the stress hormone.

Describing impressions

In times of anger, this method will allow you to stop and analyze situations. Just write on the page, what feelings do you have at the moment. Every time you write, why do you have these emotions.


More specifically, herbal tea with chamomile, mint, valerian or lemon balm. About what you have in the cupboard, brew yourself a drink and drink with small sips best on hot, abundantly puffing on water vapor.


In all the top proposals, you need to understand only one thing: anger is not aggression, just an emotion, and aggression it is behavior. Do not confuse these two threads at any price. Everyone, even the happiest man on earth, gets angry from time to time. The only thing that is different from each other is the ability to take immediate action in a crisis or solving the whole problem that causes given anger.




If necessary, follow the selected tips in this paragraph.


All the best

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