Part twelve: Breaking the rules

Part twelve: Breaking the rules

In this chapter, it will not be about what is correct, but what theoretically can make you happy, almost like this whole book. Therefore, for the advice of my publisher, I renounce total guilt in the event of damages, losses, and non-omissions. The following tips will be on your responsibility… lol.

And talk about principles, and more positively, about breaking them. Because you already know that the rules are created to cut them. Otherwise, they would not be there.

Starting from the very beginning by resolving this topic in our favor, the rules were from the beginning of our existence. The first such example is the story of the Bible about Adam and Eve. If it were not for breaking the principle of not eating the forbidden fruit, the couple would never be thrown out of paradise, would not give birth to children, so it would not be us.

If Copernicus had listened to the church, he would not have discovered that the earth would circle the sun, although the debate about this issue is still going on.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the most famous figures in the American Revolution and the primary author of the Declaration of Independence, decided to oppose existing politics in the field of slavery, religion, and education through his strong will and a big heart.

Nelson Mandela and his opposition to the brutal system is also a beautiful example. He spent 20 years in prison for his convictions, but he became a model for all of us, and indeed for free South Africa.

Amelia Earhart is also a fantastic example of breaking the rules given to us by society. She was the first woman who flew solo through the Atlantic in 1928. She showed that women are also capable of everything, and by the way, she freed the passions of other women to follow their steps.

Among the people, we can not forget Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mohandas Gandhi, Galileo Galilei, Socrates, and even Muhammad Ali. The list of heroes is endless, so I want to go to the bottom of this chapter, namely satisfaction and pride with yourself by opposing resistance. It is not necessarily easy and risk-free, but worth considering.

You do not have to become a national hero; all you need to do is become a hero for yourself or those close to you. Know that it has nothing stronger than adrenaline spreading your veins. This is pure happiness, though often through tears, shame or humiliation.

Breaking the rules does not have to be at the same high level. For us, ordinary people, not even in the head of doing great things, nor do we have enough courage for it. Not every one of us is also created for thinking in a matter of a whole and future, or for an exuberant fantasy or learning a new technique. It is a mistaken belief that the breaking of rules is not exemplary and full of contempt. If it were, we would still live in the Stone Age. Every new declaration, constitution, invention or achievement was caused by breaking a rule, just as every patent is the result of an unfulfilled passion of abandoning social norms

Another aspect of the analysis are motifs related to conformist behavior. There are a few of them, but the most important thing is the medicine against rejection, being right or sanctions. Realizing that different ideas may seem strange in the eyes of others, at all costs we try to please others. As a result, we automatically take over the norms prevailing in society, thinking that group logic will never fail. That gives us the satisfaction of being right, because if my neighbor says so, and his neighbor, and every neighbor away, it means that it must be true.

Maybe by reading this chapter, you are wondering how you can raise the level of adrenaline, and not become a criminal on the road, start thinking about yourself for now. You do not have to do great things to make you big. Remember that everything starts with the idea that will make you happy, but which also does not fit into social norms.

And here the challenge begins:

You do not have to walk in your shoes, if you prefer barefoot, which in the end is damn good for your health.

You do not have to get married, just because your family forces you to do it.

You do not have to have an average life. The public expects us to have a standard way of life, graduating, starting a family, a loan for an apartment, working from 9 to 5, car and vacation once a year.

You do not have to cultivate tradition since you stopped believing in it a long time ago.

You do not have to agree with your neighborhood about cutting down this beautiful tree next to your parking lot. You can just attach yourself with the rope to this tree in protest.

Whatever it is, be sure that it will bring a lot of emotion at once, but finally unbridled satisfaction and joy of opposing something.


Think more carefully whether your rules should not change. Analyze them and see if they work in the right direction, giving you guarantees of long-lasting happiness.

Good luck

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