Part eight: The one thing

Part eight: The one thing


Gary Keller in his book “The One Thing,” poses a question that should be represented by every human being. It deals with what should deal with at the moment and what to focus on it. The problem is straightforward, but it provokes thoughts. It is essential to limit yourself to one thing and work on it.

The author of the book encourages people to find “this one thing” in their personal as well as professional life. To succeed, you have to take care of it and devote yourself to it consistently. Very important is also minimalism, whose principles are worth introducing into your life. If we want to be the best in it, we need to devote ourselves to it and not to add additional responsibilities. It’s best to put everything else aside. The problem of today’s world, however, is that we have several things on our heads at the same time. So how to deal with it?

Nowadays, almost every man is struggling with so many things at once that even if he worked 24 hours a day, he would have arrears. There is no way to do it; we have to accept this problematic but life truth. You have to admit the idea that we will always have more things to do than the time to do them. Trying to do everything at one moment, almost every time ends the same way. Fatigue, floating and an unpleasant sense of total overload resulting from excess duties appears.

Those who realize that this is just the case may find a sense of apparent peace. They conclude that if you cannot do everything at the same time, they merely deal with the matters that can bring the best results.

People divided into two groups: those who do not have time to think about what is essential and those who know what is vital but cannot cope with the flood of current affairs.

We can expect success when we do fewer things, but we pay more attention to the quality of their performance. Yes, you can do everything at once, but it certainly will not be done correctly. If we have a lot of tasks to do and all of them seem urgent and vital, we are active and busy. However, this is not a way to succeed. This state is not related to productivity at all.

Time is a relative concept. Contrary to appearances, it is not that we lack the time to do what is right. The problem is that we get too many things to do, in the time we have, or do not have.

So what is the key to success? You should not do everything at once. No man has such a skill. It is also worth asking yourself a question about what one thing you can do, which will make everything else easier or unnecessary at all? Let one seemingly small thing become big. Both work the same way, or as hard. One should not be afraid of achieving “impossible things” – we have much more possibilities than we think. Even the longest and hardest journey begins with the first, small step. However, if we go the wrong way, we will end up in a completely different place, if we would like to.

Every new day, it’s worth starting from working on your one thing, which is the most important thing for you at this moment. Until you do it, you will disturb your whole rhythm. People have no way of being able to decide about their future. However, they have an impact on their habits, and they have a fundamental meaning because it depends on them what the future will look like.

A favorite excuse for people is the lack of time. They explain that they cannot work on what allows them to succeed. When you are working on one thing, everything else, namely emails, phones, meeting friends must wait and should not be important at this moment. Success will come only when we dedicate the right amount of time each day to work on it. In the multitude of activities, one must not forget about the rest, which is equally important. You can even say that it has the same value as work. Although 9 out of 10 people asked will say that time is too little, in practice we all have the same number, that is 24 hours.

Indeed, the outside world and people will not be aware that you are currently working on one thing. For this reason, a good option is to “cut off” the world for a few moments. However, not only people can pull us away. The second perpetrator is also our sense of duty to do something else that seems urgent.

As already mentioned – we are not robots, we cannot do all at the same time, because we just do not have such abilities. Even if we think that at the same time we can cook dinner, clean up the apartment and take care of the child, we are wrong. Yes, it is feasible, but certainly, all these activities will not be done correctly in the end. Before we start the second thing, you must finish the first one.

If we have a lot of things to do, it’s worth dividing them into smaller parts. In this way, realizing everything will be more likely and real. If you follow this advice, you’ll see that the problem will not be as severe as it looks.

Finally, I would like to recommend the book ‘The One Thing’ again. It will correctly show you how the concept of one thing can completely change the approach to every possible area of life, affects the choice made, but also the related results.




Find the book “The One Thing” and read it. For people who do not like or do not want to read, you can find audio versions on YouTube.


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