Part five: Family and friends

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Part five: Family and friends

Man’s life consists of individual relationships with other people who constantly surround him. Undoubtedly, the family plays the most crucial role in his life, followed by his closest friends. Both of these groups perform essential functions because they affect the well-being of people and their choices when it comes to future careers or other life goals.

Sociologists see the family as the most important social group on which the whole society is built. Currently, there are many different forms of families, but the most widespread and traditional is one that consists of a woman and a man, their children, and relatives on both sides. Unlike friends or family friends, you don’t choose. You do not have the slightest influence on it, and you must forcibly spend the first years of your life among the people whom, it can be said, were imposed on you in advance. Despite this, according to studies on the values that were carried out among the subjects, the family came in second, immediately after health. It testifies to the importance of the family in human life.

To enjoy the happiness of a home bonfire, one must take care of each other’s relationships each day and work to make them useful and healthy. The family as a social unit fulfills several vital functions. One of the main tasks is raised, and more specifically, preparing the youngest members to live in society. The elders give norms and behaviors to the younger ones, which then help them to play social roles.

There are no ideal families, in each of them from time to time there are various types of problems or misunderstandings. The most important thing is to speak openly about what we do not like and make it culturally. You should also listen to each other and behave assertively. If we meet these conditions, we have the guarantee of living in a happy and loving family. Even though the family is a significant value in a person’s life, it is not infallible. It is always worth having an opinion, also if our relatives think differently. The family members still want the best for us. Although sometimes they don’t agree with our view and believes in giving suggestions and advice, and they hoop we will be happier and we don’t get in trouble.

It should be remembered that everyone has the right to have and express their own opinion. A man is a master of his destiny, and it is only up to him what his life will look like. There are many cases of unhappy children who have been hurt by too ambitious and demanding parents. By enrolling your child for a ballet or piano lesson just because it was your childhood dream is not the best idea. It is always worth asking him if he wants to, or give him the opportunity to choose another hobby. There are cases where initially we do not understand the choice made or proposed by the family, sometime later, however, we are grateful for it, and we do not regret that we did it that way. As you know, most behaviors are from the family home. It is worth taking care that they are positive.

The family also has to help in building an image of yourself. It should make us feel happy and aware of our values. The key to happiness is in good relations with the family because it is the first social group in which we function and will be with us throughout our lives.

There comes a time in human life when the family is no longer the only social group in which we function. Other people appear, among them colleagues. Some of these people then become our friends and stay with us for most of our lives. There is a belief that childhood friends stay with us forever, and in most cases, it works.

There is a fundamental difference between friends and family, namely that we influence the selection of friends. As they say – friends are a family that we choose. There is no denying that in today’s world, it is increasingly difficult to find authentic, unselfish friendship. The person with whom we want to maintain friendly relations, we should get to know as accurately as possible. It may turn out that they behave behaves differently with us, whereas in the company they are entirely different. Avoid toxic friendships and remember to keep the balance between giving and getting. The person to whom we devote part of our life and time should provide us with the same in return. If we need help, they should rescue as much as possible and vice versa. You get to know your real friends during times of poverty, but the fact that someone was with us when it was good or bad is not testimony.

There are situations when jealousy comes between friends. It can permanently destroy their mutual relations. It is worth remembering that a true friend does not envy, but he enjoys our happiness just as much as we do and looks on with all his heart. Our success may become a motivation for him to achieve his triumphs. A true friend never judges, he always tries to listen to and understand our behavior, even when it deviated from his norms and practices. The basic principle of friendship is honesty. It is unimaginable that a friend would hide something from us or lie to us. Morality is not only displayed in the behavior just mentioned, but it is also the ability to tell each other things, even the worst kind. There is nothing worse than being talked about behind your back; a true friend can be friendly without degrading you in the conversation. Probably no man would like to be treated this way. It is worth paying attention to how a person handles another person. If he negatively talks about them, we’re not sure he would not be doing the same to us.

It is critical that friendship lifts us up, so you have to choose people from whom you will be able to learn something. They should be creative and (creative), not fear of risk and hard work.


Thank your family for always being there for you. You do not need to have any explanation, just do it.
Then do the same for your close friends. All of them (good and bad)!


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