Part four: Loving yourself


How to be successful happy? 100 ideas for a healthy mind

Part four: Loving yourself


There are no two of the same people in the world. Even identical twins differ in many traits, appearance, and behavior. We have our own hobbies, professions, and interests. We look different, we dress diversely, and we arrange our homes variously. We think in another way, we speak contrastively, and we listen uniquely.

On the other hand, we have a diverse career.  A bunch of employees at the car factory dealt with in other specializations. Mr. John assembles the engine and Ms. Stella cleanses screws. In the restaurant next to the factory waitress hurry with orders. One cook fries, French fries and the midfielder cut lettuce. The head of overseeing everything and counting money.

If you do not know what I am getting into, then explain. We try to adapt to others whole life, although we cannot change into the ideal. There is no such thing as an ideal. Each of us is unique. Each of us has some functions in society. And no matter what, each of us is just as important. Even if you do not have a job or a roof over your head, you do something useful for another person. What you need to understand is that you are fantastic as a human being. You love and you are loved.

The rest does not really count. It is just different talents, skills and ways of thinking that give the world so much beauty. If we were similar to each other, we would have nothing to say. Life then would not make any sense.


So love yourself because you are one of a kind. If you already do this, I salute you. If not, you can stop crying and look around. Step back and examine the good you have done. Analyze the joy that you gave, to your parents, to your lover, and to your friends. Carefully analyzing all the important tasks done for your employer, your family, for the world, you will see how necessary you are.


Even beauty does not matter. For my husband, I’m very beautiful, not too nice for my neighbor. I know because he told me that. You will not please everyone, and not everyone is a spouse candidate in your eyes.


Loving yourself is also the ability to praise and reward you, trust in your abilities, follow your intuition, trust each other, be open to criticism and acceptance of your inadequacies, have many friends and respect others, be responsible for your life and be able to forgive, accept your imperfections and allow yourself to dream. And above all, have the power to express your opinion and invest in yourself and in new skills.




Write on the piece of paper 10 things that you like about yourself and put it on the mirror you often use. Every day read what you wrote by staring at your reflection and smiling at yourself. Repeat this exercise at least every day for a month. Good luck.


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  1. Dave Menzies

    Nice article Anna. It is very important that we love ourselves – not in an arrogant way – but just in acceptance of who we are. We tend to get back what we put out there in life so if we want others to love or even just like us it has to start from inside ourselves.

  2. Scott

    This is a lovely post. Thank you for some wonderful advice for living a more meaningful life.

  3. Wade Bergner

    Very impressive video & post! The merger of Zanox and Affiliate Window appears to be a very strategic move. Very informative and well conveyed message on the value behind merging advertisers, publishers, and consumers. Thanks contributing to our purpose driven society! All the best to you and your team at Awin!

  4. Wade Bergner

    I very much enjoyed your post Annaaldona! Successfully Happy / Healthy Mind series is a message our society cannot get enough of. There is no exclusions, we are all tremendously valuable human beings! Thank you for getting this out to your readers. I also liked how you guided us towards the understanding that our uniqueness = learning. Namaste,
    I so appreciate crossing paths with you! All the best to you and your family!

  5. Jacqueline Escolme

    Great blog with such an important message. We all need to remember this on a daily basis! I loved the neighbour comment – I`ve had that kind of neighbour 🙂 Will try out the homework and see how I get on. It`s a nice idea and the smiling part is key!

  6. Susan Patricia Connor Lewis

    Anna the exercises that you suggest are brilliant in their simplicity. Yet they are so innocently effective in establishing where the `black` holes of self perspective are.

    Yes the world is so diverse to believe one person is able to please everyone is a “fawpar”

    And thankfully we are all born unique enough to have the choice of working out our kinks.

  7. Nayla

    Great post!! It is so important that we remember this and it is a shame when i come across people who are in need of loving who they are. Many of us constantly listen to the people around us instead of ourselves but this needs to be changed in order for the world to change.

  8. Isabella Lambauer

    Thanks for the reminder! I`m often are very hard on myself and don`t recognize all the things that I do for others and how much they love me. It is definitely good to remind myself of my accomplishments and I`ll try your mirror exercise… I already have a small hand-held mirror that I use frequently for mirror work, but actually putting things I love about myself never occurred to me! Thank you!

  9. Sara Wasser

    I really enjoyed reading this article. Learning to truly love ourselves is such an important journey and empowers us to love others. I too believe that we are unique and necessary! What a great idea, to think about the joy that I give to those around me. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

  10. Ruud

    Great share Aldona. How can we love others if we don`t love ourselves. So many people have a negative opinion about themselves. I`m no different, I have to learn not to make the same mistake. Because one thing in life does not go like you want it to go, you dislike yourself just because of that thing. It`s better to keep in mind all that you achieved and love yourself for that. And I don`t care what your husband tells you 🙂

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