Part two: Happiness from the medical point of view

How to be successful happy? 100 ideas for a healthy mind

Part two: Happiness from the medical point of view

That there will be no misunderstanding, I am not a doctor, but all my psychological studies were based on statistics and I will quote them. And although it looks like every study shows different results, one thing is for sure, we need vitamin D3 to feel good.

Medical examinations of the older and the newest indicate that probably 90% of cases of depression are caused by a lack or very low level of vitamin D3. This vitamin is found in the whole body but also in the brain, improves brain work and adds energy. On the other hand, other scientists are convinced that this depression causes the loss of vitamin D3 because the patients do not want to live and they spend all of their time inside, so they do not get in contact with the sun. And yet others say that depression is genetic. I would have avoided these last ones from a distance.

In order to check your vitamin D3 level, it is best to go to the doctor. After taking a small amount of blood, the level of 25 (OH) of vitamin D3 is tested. The optimal level is between 50-100. Very good is 100-150. Above 360it  may manifest symptoms of brittle bones, however, it is very difficult to overdose vitamin D.

There are many vitamin supplements on the market. Not all are equally good. You should pay attention to grams of vitamins in one tablet. Secondly, vitamin D3 is not digestible without vitamin K2. Thirdly, both vitamins will not be absorbed without fat, which is why producers often add sunflower oil to their capsules. If it is not in the middle, it is best to consume the supplement with a meal or drink a small amount of oil. One small spoon should be enough.

Of course, for opponents of supplementation there are other ways to enrich the body of vitamin D. The sun, or if it is not there, a solarium is a very good solution. The sun works the best between 11 AM and 1 PM, you need to uncover the chest or the back. Sun creams are not recommended. There is nothing good about them,  on the contrary, studies show correlations between these creams and cancer.

However, when it comes to the solarium, you need to pay attention to the lamps installed in it. Some lamps only produce UVA, but for taking Vitamin D, you need a UVB lamp. The time spent in the tanning bed cannot be too long. The more bronzed skin, the less vitamin penetrates into the body. Ideally, after this treatment, we do not get any other shade of skin. The treatment is best repeated once a week.

Are you afraid of the sun? Maybe will help already known for years statistical data, the largest number of skin diseases have the office workers, working 70 hours a week, who had never have contact with the sun on the daily basis. The second group is the actors who use too much make-up. The conclusion belongs to you.


For people working from 9-5, it is best to spend breakfast break from 11 AM, and most importantly in the sun. A short walk to the park and back will not only provide us with a dietary supplement but will also improve your circulation and give you a better feeling. For others? Actually, the same. Try getting up before 11 AM and drink your morning coffee on the balcony, in the garden or in front of the house. Good luck!


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