Part three: The structure of the day

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Part three: The structure of the day

What makes up a daily routine for one person is dinner at 6 pm, for someone else it’s a morning run, I drink ten coffees and for my friend, it’s going to sleep at 9 pm. But I want to talk about a different routine. A routine that does not overwhelm, one that lets you breathe freely so that you can do fantastic things.

Have you ever wondered what successful people have in common? How are they able to be so productive? It looks like they have more time, but their day also only lasts 24 hours. They all have one thing in common.  It’s something small, but so important. You too can manage your day to perfection by implementing just 3 things down below with just one small change in your routine.


Sometimes it seems our days never end. The amount of tasks overwhelms us. We are tired and stressed at the end of the day. We often react to our family and friends with an unpleasant face and we complain that life is not good. As we think about how much work we have left, we begin to feel dizzy. That’s why you have to learn how to set boundaries.


  • Be optimistic, but realistic.



My colleagues often complain that they can’t finish their website. However, their resolution each day is the same as the next: they want to finish the whole page at once. Although our tools are very technologically advanced, even some specialist will not be able to create a website in a day.


  • Learn to ask for help.


Actually, this point does not need to be translated, but often we behave like children: ‘Mom, I will do it myself’. Asking for help is not something negative. On the contrary, it requires courage and determination, but it is also proof of having management skills.


  • Make a list.


The best time is in the morning. The most important aspect is not to make this list too long. At the beginning write only two basic tasks, paying attention to the two points mentioned above. The point is, if you can do these two tasks, you will feel like a winner! You will have more time left to finish something else, which will be a bonus in any situation. And you know very much we love bonuses?




From today, every morning, take a sheet of paper (again not on the computer) and write two tasks for the day. Remember that these tasks must be realistic. In case of uncertainty, reach out for help. If you realize that these two tasks are being solved every day and there is still a lot of time over, add the third task to the list the next day. Good luck!

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  1. Roger Moisan

    I have trained myself to start my day early. I am at my desk by 5.00am and have found the first 5 hours are my most productive. Get a list, get a life! I keep a notebook with me at all times and jot down any ideas or tasks that come to me during the day. At the end of the day, I condense them down to just a few actionable tasks which are the first things I tackle in the morning. A good tip is to do the boring things first as this avoids procrastination. Save the fun tasks for later. Great article!

    1. annaaldona

      Thank you Roger for your comment.

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